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Kids Bubbles are Soap Bubbles After All

So, what’s a soap bubble and how does a bubble become a bubble anyway? A soap bubble is a narrow film of soapy water wrapped around air (okay, that’s obvious). Soap bubbles take the shape of the smallest surface area that they can. This is due to the mathematical nature of minimal surface. Trust me, you don’t want us to go too much in depth here. Look it up if you must. The soap bubble is soap film that is closed due to the variance in inside versus outside pressure. The surface of the bubble has a constant mean curvature. A bunch of these bubbles together is called foam.

Frozen Bubbles, Yes Bubbles Can Be Frozen!

Did you know that bubbles can be frozen? It’s true. If you decide you’d like to venture outside to blow some bubbles for parties on a day with a crisp, cool winter temperature of 5 degrees (Fahrenheit) or less, an interesting thing will happen. Bubbles blown at this temperature will freeze when they contact a surface. Then, the air inside will slowly seep out, and the bubble will end up crumbling apart under its own weight.

Okay, now let’s say it gets a bit colder out. Let’s say the temperature creeps below -13 degrees (Fahrenheit) and you’d still like to blow some bubbles. Bubbles blown at this temperature can freeze in the air, fall to the ground and bust apart. What happens is that the bubble will freeze almost immediately and the warm air that was blown into the bubble will quickly cool. The bubble will often collapse partially at this point. If you try this, you need to realize that the frozen bubbles might be a little difficult to create, and when you do so, they’ll need to be smaller to work. The larger the bubble gets, the better chance that the soap film will freeze quickly before a bubble is created.

Have a great time enjoying kids bubble wand party favors at your next celebration! Whether you want good old bubbles for kids with a bottle style, or the bigger bubble wand style ones, they should have a wonderful time with one of the more inexpensive and popular kids activities that you can find.