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Inflatable Toys, Inflatables for Kids

Inflatable party props are easy to blow up and certainly will get noticed at your celebration. Blow them up, set them up and they add wonderful decoration to your rooms, party tables and other areas of your gathering. You can even place the inflatable party favors outside to announce your party to your guests or to lead your partygoers to the backyard.

Our fun selection of inflatable toys is perfect for a wide variety of kids’ celebrations and events. Items like inflatable fire hydrants lend color and decoration to your fireman birthday party. Our inflatable treasure chest coolers are perfect for storing beverages, party favors and other fun stuff. And, our fun inflatable dinosaurs will have your dinosaur fans roaring with excitement!

Kids Sports Inflatables

Inflatable goal posts are fun for football parties and/or football fans. Try kicking field goals or use them for decoration on your big day. Hockey stick inflatables are a soft and fun way to lend color to your hockey fanatic’s special event. Other sports themed blow-up toys are also available to make your gathering a little more colorful and exciting.

Rock Star Inflatable Toys, Inflatable Instruments

Planning a rockin’ celebration? Add some flair and musical style to your get-together with cool inflatable microphones, colorful inflatable guitars and other instrument blow-ups. Enhance your rock band party with all kinds of musically themed inflatable toys.

Other Inflatable Toys

Finally, you’ve got other fun inflatable toys. Space shuttles (for a space or astronaut party), blow up sharks for a shark themed birthday, cute inflatable ladybugs for that ladybug styled celebration and a wide variety of other inflatable novelties are great for any occasion. Make things extra fun with the addition of a fantastic inflatable kids toy!