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Chevron Party Supplies, Chevron Tableware

Chevron is a very popular tableware style that can accent almost any event. Whether it's a birthday, wedding or other big event, Chevron tableware items can help add a splash of color to your party table. Check out our Chevron tableware party items and add a stripe of style to your party.

Chevron Pattern History

The literal term "Chevron" refers to the pointed stripe on a Military or police uniform to indicate rank. Often used today in flags, military uniforms and heraldry, chevron can be found in early art, such as on rocks and pottery.

"Chevrons" were seen pointing downward from 1820 to about 1903. Between 1903 and 1905, one could find them pointing both up and down. The first official reversal from down to up was authorized in May 1903.

A chevron is named from the French "chevron", meaning "rafter" or rooftop. There is also some talk of goat's hind up on it if you're interested!