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Wonder Woman Party Supplies, Wonder Woman Decorations

Snap on your pair of indestructible bracelets and grab your Lasso of Truth, our Wonder Woman party supplies have arrived! Decorate your get-together with the red, white and blue of our Wonder Woman decorations, hand out our cool Wonder Woman party favors and dress up your ordinary party tables with our vibrant Wonder Woman themed tableware. Your party guests will love your Wonder Woman style when you decorate your special occasion with all of our wonderful Wonder Woman party supplies!

The Personality of Wonder Woman

Throughout the years, different writers have portrayed Wonder Woman differently. Kind-hearted and compassionate, Wonder Woman has always had a big heart. She has killed, but only as a last resort (as when she saved Superman’s life), and this balance of strength and compassion has been a trademark of hers throughout her different ideations.

While her strength and love of others has remained constant, her personality has sometimes been different. Over the years, her personality has ranged from stoic fighter to compassionate diplomat to a naïve and simple person, not fully understanding her surroundings. But it’s her balance between compassion and power that has made her a sympathetic and very relatable character. Today, the latest Wonder Woman creation (The New 52 Version) has been portrayed as very confident, impulsive, strong and big-hearted.

Wonder Woman’s Skills

Along with her bulletproof bracelets that were formed from Athena’s legendary shield, her Lasso of Truth forged by Hephaestus and her other powerful items, Wonder Woman has a number of skills. She is experienced in many different ancient and modern fighting techniques, she knows Amazonian martial arts (whatever that is), she’s pretty skilled with those bracelets (obviously), and she’s a trained acrobat and a tremendous athlete. These skills were acquired through years of childhood training.

Wonder Woman’s Bulletproof Bracelets and The Lasso of Truth

Wonder Woman’s bulletproof bracelets are bulletproof as the name implies. Wonder Woman is super-skilled at using them and lightning quick. The bracelets aren’t just bulletproof either. They possess a number of different powers (from energy blasts to concussive waves to magical swords) that prove useful for Wonder Woman.

The Lasso of Truth is a nearly indestructible rope that forces anyone it touches to tell the absolute truth. She can sometimes use it as a whip or noose and is a master of targeting others with it. The Lasso was forged from the golden girdle of Gaea and is also known as Lariat of Hestia.

Planning a Wonder Woman Birthday Party?

Planning a Wonder Woman birthday party or other celebration? Then, you’ll love adding our exciting Wonder Woman decorations, Wonder Woman party favors, colorful tableware and other exciting party items. Impress your guests and have a wonderful time at your gathering with the help of our fantastic selection of Wonder Woman party supplies!