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Wizards of Waverly Party Supplies, Wizards of Waverly Birthday Party

Have fun at your Wizards of Waverly themed celebration with the assistance of our wonderful Wizards of Waverly party supplies. Colorful and cute, our party plates, cups, decorations, favors, tableware and more feature all of your favorite Alexander poses from the Wizards of Waverly Place. Make your birthday party, movie night or other fun celebration a little more special with the help of our fabulous Wizards of Waverly party supplies!

Wizards of Waverly Place Trivia Fun

See if your Wizards of Waverly Place fans and party guests can answer some of our Wizards of Waverly trivia questions (below). It’s probably a good idea to use our questions as a starting point and add your own. You can make a party game out of the questions and answers, or simply place them here and there around your party for everyone’s amusement.

When did Wizards of Waverly Place first premiere on the Disney channel?

The Wizards of Waverly Place premiered on October 12, 2007.

What is the name of the headmaster of the wizard council?

Professor Crumbs is the headmaster of the wizard council.

In what room at the sub shop does the Russo family have their wizard’s lair?

The Russo family hides their wizards lair (and a Portal which allows them to travel back and forth to the wizard’s world) in a storage room of their sub shop.

What school do the Russo teenagers attend?

The Russo siblings attend Tribeca Prep

Who sings the Wizards of Waverly Place theme song, “Everything is Not What It Seems” ?

Selena Gomez sings the title theme song for the show.

In the Wizard of Waverly Places series finale, who becomes the family wizard and who ends up running the sub shop?

In the final episode of the show, Alex becomes the family wizard and Max ends up running the sub shop. The other sibling, Justin, becomes the headmaster of WizTech.

We hope your Wizards of Waverly themed birthday party or other special occasion goes off without a hitch. Plan ahead and make it as fun as you can, and, most importantly, don’t forget to include our fantastic Wizards of Waverly party supplies!