Victorious Party Supplies: Victorious Party Invitations, Party Favors, and Party Decorations.

Our Victorious Party Supplies will lend a musical flavor to your next birthday party! Tori Vega is here and she’s bringing her friends Andre, Trina and Jade along for the ride. Grab a microphone, bring your keyboard, and get ready for an outrageous Victorious get-together with the help of these fabulous Victorious birthday supplies.

Party Pack

(For 8 Guests)
Party Pack

(For 8 Guests)

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Victorious Party Supplies and Party Activities

Victorious party supplies are only the beginning for planning a successful Victorious themed party. Party games styled after the Victorious television show are also a great addition to your event. Make our Victorious party supplies a part of your big day and remember, whatever you do, have fun with it and your guests will have fun with it also.

Planning a ‘Victorious’ Party

After taking her sister’s place in a showcase, Tori Vega was accepted into the Hollywood Arts High School – a school of performing arts. While there, she makes some great friends, and gets into some silly situations. This is a show any young girl would love, so why not recreate the Hollywood Arts High School for your child’s birthday party? Make it shine!

Victorious Party Games

Here’s the scene: Have a schedule planned that mimics a school day at Hollywood Arts High School. For example, devote 45 minutes to an hour for “classes”:

Art Class: Have the ‘students’ finger paint or draw their favorite scene from Victorious. You could also provide materials to make friendship bracelets!

Acting Class: Play a game of charades! Give each student a card to draw a picture on. They can draw animals or whatever comes to their mind. Then have each child act out what’s on their card and have the other children guess.

Dance Class: Play a game of freeze dance! And of course, use music from Victorious. To play freeze dance, turn on music and kids dance while it’s on. At any point during the music, stop or pause the music. The kids who are still dancing when the music stops are out. Turn the music back and keep pausing until you have a winner!

Music Class: Play a game of musical chairs or have a karaoke party using music from Victorious!

Lunch Time: Don’t forget to take a break in between classes. A fun idea for your lunch or dinner is to do a cafeteria-style setup. Make a menu so kids can see their choices, and then let them go through a line and choose what they want!

Hopefully, you have a great time at your Victorious themed birthday party or other special event. We wish you success in your party planning and on your big day. And, don’t forget to make our Victorious party supplies a part of the celebration!