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Unicorn Party Supplies, Unicorn Party Decorations

Unicorn party supplies will bring a mystical and colorful touch to your birthday party, family night or other special occasion. Prancing in front of a vibrant rainbow background, this charming unicorn is happy to decorate these party plates, decorations, stickers and other fun birthday supplies. Your guests, friends, and especially the birthday girl or boy will love all of these wonderfully delightful unicorn party supplies!

What’s a Unicorn?

I’m not sure there’s anyone on the planet who doesn’t know what a unicorn is, but I’ve been told more than once to never assume anything. So, for those of you living in the jungles of Indonesia (not that there’s anything wrong with that), a unicorn is a horse (usually white) with a spiral shaped horn extending from their forehead. They sometimes appear with cloven hooves and a goat-like beard, although not often and not in the typical American image of the unicorn.

A Brief History of the Unicorn

While unicorns trace back to the Greeks, they are not found in Greek mythology. Rather, the Greeks believed that the unicorn existed and was located in India. Ctesias provides the earliest description of the unicorn and describes them basically as wild and fast with a red, white and black colored horn. Aristotle, Pleny the Elder and others mention them later in later years in their descriptions of animals.

Later, the Middle Ages would popularize the unicorn as a mystical beast. The unicorn became to be known as a magical beast representing love that could only be calmed or tamed by a virgin. On occasion, “unicorn horns” would show up in the treasuries of royalty or in markets for sale. People believed that these unicorn horns were made of a substance known as “alicorn”. They were prized for their supposed medical and magical properties, but they were all most certainly the tusks of narwhals and not unicorns.

Marco Polo would describe the unicorns he saw on his travels as “scarcely smaller than elephants” and “with a head like a boar’s”. It is now understood that he was describing the rhinoceros. Presumably, Marco did not see any virgins hanging around the rhinos he witnessed.

Have A Wonderful Unicorn Birthday Party!

We hope you have a wonderful unicorn birthday party. Whether you’re throwing a large gathering or a small get-together, plan ahead and smile often. Our advice is to make sure you have fun with it and your party guests should as well. And, don’t forget to include our fabulous unicorn party supplies as a part of your big day.