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Unicorn Beauty Party Supplies

Unicorn Beauty and Grace

There is no arguing the beauty of a unicorn as it is portrayed in most modern fiction. Usually depicted as a strong, majestic white horse with a single long horn, it often represents a symbol of purity and elegance. The unicorn can appear with a virtuous maiden or by themselves, but either way this powerful creature will exhibit magical properties of some form or another when they appear in writings.

Did You Know That Unicorns Play an Important Role In Scotland?

It’s true. Unicorns are known in heraldry as the symbol of Scotland. The unicorn was chosen for this honor due to its famous temperament. Like the Scottish people, a unicorn would rather fight to the death than be captured, and the Scots have a history of fighting against the odds to govern themselves. Both the unicorn and the Scots are also known to be a little proud.
You can see the unicorn on the royal arms of the King of Scots. You will also find the unicorn on the royal arms of the United Kingdom after the Scots and England formed their union. In this case, the unicorn is depicted with a lion supporting the arms. In addition, the Scots have printed unicorns on their coinage throughout the years, given permission for their nobles to use them in their coat of arms and used them in their church and building decorations.

Other Unicorn Appearances

The unicorn can be found in many other cultures besides the Scots and the rest of Europe. In China, there was a creature known today as “the Chinese unicorn”. More deer than horse, this mythological beast had a single horn like other unicorn depictions. The unicorn appears here and there throughout the rest of the world’s history and even has numerous mentions throughout the bible.