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Umizoomi Party Supplies, Team Umizoomi Party Decorations

Team Umizoomi party supplies are a great way to add color and fun to your little one’s big day. Milli, Geo and Bot not only want to make your child’s math better, but in this case, they also want to make your birthday something special. Put on your party dress, yell “Pattern Power”, and decorate your birthday party in colorful learning style with the wonderful addition of our fantastic Umizoomi party supplies!

Team Umizoomi Birthday Party and Party Ideas

Kids will have a blast as they meet some of their favorite characters from Team Umizoomi. Let them step through the screen and live in the world of Nickelodeon's most popular show.


Shaped Cookies: Team Umizoomi takes a lot of things into consideration, and one of them is the recognition of geometric patterns. Bake cookies in a number of different shapes so that kids can enjoy them as well as construct their own unique devices. If you want to help more with the identification process, you can also ice each shape differently so they are color coded as well.

Colored Drinks: Team Umizoomi all wear different colors to help kids identify them, so why not do the same for your drinks? Have several flavors of juices available and give the children the option to choose what they want to drink. As long as every drink is healthy and fresh, both the parents and the kids win with these yummy beverages!


Umigames: Why not take one of the most popular episodes and use it to create your own Umigames? Have a list of sports that kids can participate in, but make them simple enough so that kids of all ages can enjoy it. For example, you can let everyone have a chance to kick a soccer ball into a goal and get a prize. Pulling specific sports from the show will help younger kids connect the themes as well as truly enjoy themselves.

Build an Umicar: Team Umizoomi depends on their Umicar to get them from point A to B. Help youngsters understand the importance of putting shapes together by having them create their very own Umicar. The templates for this car can be found online, and all that's needed after that is a pair of scissors, some glue, and a little imagination.

Do the Umi Shake: Every time Team Umizoomi accomplishes a mission, they celebrate by dancing the Umi Shake. Let kids get in on the fun by having them all dance the Umi Shake after they successfully aid you with a task (such as finding an item or baking a cake.) This dance is a very important part of the show, and no Team Umizoomi party should leave it out.

Kids are sure to love a Team Umizoomi party, but only if they have the right supplies to remind them of the characters. Make sure Team Umizoomi is present by having all of the correct supplies for your party.