Twilight Party Supplies: Breaking Dawn Party Invitations, Party Favors, and Breaking Dawn Decorations.

Our Twilight party supplies are filled with breathtaking images of all of your favorite Twilight characters. Set the mood for your Breaking Dawn celebration with these wonderfully dark party items that are perfect for birthday or viewing get-togethers. Let your guests have fun as they choose between Edward and Jacob tableware and other fabulous Twilight party supplies!

Our apologies, the Twilight product line has been discontinued. Get it before it runs off with the pack!

Make Twilight Party Supplies a Part of Your Twilight Themed Celebration

Whether celebrating a birthday party, movie night or some other special occasion, our Twilight party supplies are perfect for your pack of Twilight fans. Our fantastic Twilight themed plates, cups, favors, decorations, cake decorations and other party items will liven up any Twilight event. Make your party a spectacular one with the help of these amazing Twilight party supplies!

The Ultimate Twilight Party To Go Along With The Twilight Party Supplies

Looking for a way to incorporate each Twilight book or movie into your party? Here are some fun ideas to do just that.

Bella Scavenger Hunt: In the second book, Bella was crushed when Edward left. She had disappeared into the woods trying to find Edward. Recreate this scene in the movie by having a scavenger hunt for Bella! Have your guests find things like a copy of the book, an apple, a bike helmet, baseball glove and stuffed animal dog that resembles a werewolf. Lead your guests to Bella with these clues.

Visionary: Alice’s visions were a big part of Eclipse and New Moon when they were hunting Victoria and saving Edward. Visionary is quite like Pictionary. Guests will take turns drawing pictures and everyone has to guess what it is within 60 seconds. Have ideas written down on cards for the guests to choose from.

Breaking Dawn Jeopardy: The final installation of Twilight is quite a big deal. Using an easel or the wall, tape up five different categories for a game of Breaking Dawn Jeopardy. Make points ranging from 100 to 500. Come up with questions and answers for each category. Keep score for teams or individuals, and reward the winner(s) with a Twilight prize! (Plastic fangs maybe?)

Soundtrack Musical Chairs: Use the movie soundtracks from Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse to play a game of musical chairs!

At the end of the night, have a Twilight movie marathon! It’s the perfect ending to a great party.

Twilight Party Food

Blood Red Drinks: Serve red fruit punch, strawberry smoothies or anything else red you can come up with to mimic blood that the vampires drink.

Tropical Dish: Edward and Bella spend their honeymoon in Breaking Dawn on a tropical island. Serve a tropical main dish such as shish kabobs to recreate their special time together!

Werewolf Kibble: Can’t forget the werewolves! Make some Werewolf Kibble (or puppy chow) as a yummy snack. Just melt chocolate chips and peanut butter together and spread evenly on Chex Mix. Then shake it up in a bag with powdered sugar and serve.

Twilight Cupcakes: For dessert, some delicious red velvet cupcakes are the perfect touch for a Twilight party. Top with cream cheese frosting, and dribble some red food coloring on top of it to look like blood.

Twilight party supplies and Twilight themed activities can help make your party a huge success. We hope you enjoy our list of party games and other fun stuff, and we hope your party is a huge success for everyone!