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Tinkerbell Party Supplies, Tinkerbell Birthday Party

Tinkerbell party supplies will create a magical atmosphere at your kid’s next birthday party. If your little one loves Tinkerbell, these colorful (and rumored to be sprinkeled with pixie dust) birthday items will help create a sense of fun and adventure for your celebration. You’ll have a wonderful time planning and hosting your party when you purchase these charming Tinkerbell party supplies!

Tinkerbell Trivia and Fun Facts!

There are a few different versions and forms of Tinkerbell. It depends on whether you’re talking about the original play Peter Pan or the later novelization of that play Peter and Wendy or the Disney version of Tinkerbell (which shapes her image today) on what traits she might have. In the early play and novels she wasn’t always as good-natured as today’s Disney version. That said, below are some trivia questions about the Disney Tinkerbell (or Tinker Bell) we mostly know of today.

In the movie Peter Pan (1953) what was Tinkerbell’s only spoken line?

That’s a trick question. Tinkerbell had no spoken lines in the movie.

Who was Tinkerbell modeled after in the movie?

Many believe that Tinkerbell was modeled after actress Marilyn Monroe, but she was actually modeled after actress Margaret Kerry.

What follows Tinkerbell wherever she goes?

Pixie dust follows her wherever she goes. This became the iconic image for Disney before each Disney movie.

What does sprinkling pixie dust over humans accomplish?

Sprinkling pixie dust allows humans to fly

Who is Tinkerbell jealous of?

Tinkerbell is jealous of Wendy

What happens to Tinkerbell after she tricks Wendy?

Peter Pan banishes Tinkerbell forever (however, she is later forgiven).

At the end of the movie, how do the children return to London?

They fly back in Captain Hook’s commandeered ship with the help of Tinkerbell’s pixie dust.

Tinkerbell is a Disney icon, and a great character to base your party around. We hope you enjoyed the above trivia and that your future celebration is a wonderful success. And, don’t forget to include our fabulous Tinkerbell party supplies for your event!