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Tea Party Supplies, Tea Party Birthday Party

Tea party supplies are a cute and colorful way to decorate your birthday party, tea party or other fun family and friends’ get-together. Vibrant teapots and teacups of different colors will greet you on this fabulous tea themed tableware and decorations. Make your special day a little more special with the help of our fantastic tea party supplies!

History of Traditional Tea Parties

Tea parties are frequently visualized as a gathering in the afternoon for tea and small, easy to handle appetizer like foods (cookies) or small sandwiches. Typically, the hostess will serve her tea and morsels on her best China and with her best utensils. Depending on the weather, some alternatives to tea might be offered (cold drinks in the summer, other warm drinks in the winter).

The afternoon tea party blossomed in the United Kingdom during the Victorian and Edwardian periods. Filled with a high degree of social convention, certain norms for the event were expected to be upheld. One of the expectations for a tea party was that the servants were expected to wait outside. Only if they were rung for or summoned were they to appear to pick up dishes and bring further refreshments. This was often seen as a way to allow for more private (and more lively) conversation and gossip without being overheard.

Today, tea parties in the United Kingdom are usually left for either the most formal of gatherings or special events, or for children. Children’s tea parties (as you most undoubtedly are aware of) consist of a play tea set and stuffed animals or dolls as guests. This is not exactly what the Victorian age British citizen foresaw for the future of their tea party.

Tea parties can be a lot of fun. Make your birthday party or other tea party themed gathering a little more fun with these fabulous tea party supplies!