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Supergirl Party Supplies, Supergirl Balloons

What’s a great way to liven up your Supergirl-themed party? Supergirl balloons, for one! Of course, it looks great to throw in a variety of other Supergirl party supplies as well. Supergirl-themed decorations, cupcake rings, party favors, colorful tableware and more will make your big day a little brighter. Add some heroic flair to your birthday party or other special event with the help of our super fantastic Supergirl party supplies!

Supergirl Birthday Party Ideas

A girl-power counterpart to Superman, Supergirl is another Marvel Comics creation, meant to be Superman's cousin who also saves the world from evil and danger on a regular basis. This is a great theme for any girl who likes this comic book series, the Supergirl movie, or simply wants to be a superhero herself someday.

Deliciously Easy Supergirl Cakes

Marvel Comics depicts Supergirl with an outfit identical to her famous cousin's, but you can opt to have the distinctive "S" logo turned into shades of pink, white, and lavender if your little superhero-to-be is so inclined. The ubiquity of the Superman logo in the public consciousness means that his logo can easily be screened onto a sheet cake in most bakeries, so fulfilling this idea should be easy.

Tasty Supergirl Ice Cream

Whether you opt to depict Supergirl's outfit as identical to Superman's or with a more traditionally feminine color scheme, various ice cream flavors can be served together in her honor. For instance, cherry sherbet, lemon sherbet, and blue sherbet can be served in honor of the classic logo, and strawberry ice cream, black raspberry ice cream, and vanilla ice cream can symbolize a more feminine version of this logo. You may also be able to find popsicles that feature your colors of choice as well.

Creative Supergirl Storytime

Have the kids write a story about themselves with powers like Supergirl's (or Superman's, if they prefer). If they were Supergirl or Superman, what would they do? Give them crayons and pencils to write a story featuring themselves in these iconic lead roles, and have them illustrate their stories with a picture. Ask each kid to read their story aloud, and you might be surprised at how entertaining and creative little minds can be!

Fun Supergirl Theatrics

When everyone has had a chance to write their stories, ask if any of them would like to act out their story. Give everyone a chance to play both the superheroes and the villains, and make sure everyone plays safely. This can be a terrific way to spark the imaginations of budding little playwrights and actors, so have fun with it! A blanket or sheet safety-pinned to clothing can serve as a "cape," and plenty of other excellent props can be created with a little imagination. Of course, imagination itself can create a number of excellent props on its own!

The Story of Supergirl

Supergirl (or versions of Supergirl) appears in various storylines prior to 1959. Among them are Lois Lane, gaining superpowers and calling herself Super Woman in some dream sequence issues. In Superboy #5, Superboy uses his powers to make a character known as Queen Lucy, who has superpowers. She's called Super-girl in this episode. In a later episode (Superman #123), Jimmy Olsen uses a magical device to create a super companion for Superman. Super-Girl appears, but unfortunately spends more time getting in Superman’s way. In the end, she is critically injured saving Superman from a kryptonite meteor and disappears after Jimmy wishes her out of existence.

With the previous popular occurrences of Supergirl in mind, D.C. Comics introduced a recurring Supergirl character that many of us think of today when we think of Supergirl. It was in Action Comics #252 (1959) that Kara Zor-El (her Kryptonian name), or Supergirl, was introduced. She was the cousin to Superman and had many of the same powers and vulnerability to kryptonite.

Supergirl’s Backstory

Kara Zor-El was the last survivor of the Kryptonian city of Argo City, which had drifted off through space after the planet’s explosion. As the city’s populace is dying due to Green Kryptonite striking the city’s barriers (from meteorites), Kara Zor-El is sent to Earth to be raised by her cousin, Superman.

On Earth, Kara Zor-El adopts the name Linda Lee, disguising her blonde hair with a wig. Once she gains control over her powers and is adopted (by Fred and Edna Danvers), she begins to appear often as Supergirl. Her identity remains a secret over the years as she attends college and works in a number of different careers.

Over the years, there have been many different storylines featuring Supergirl. In one, she would find her parents have survived Argo City and reunite with them. This would prove bittersweet however, as she would lose them again when both are killed by the super villain Reactron. Eventually, Kara Zor-El would settle and operate out of Metropolis under the secret name Linda Lang (Lana Lang’s niece).

Have a Great Supergirl Party!

Make your Supergirl party as fun as it can be with the help of our fantastic Supergirl party supplies. It’s always helpful to plan ahead for a big event, so don’t procrastinate. Above all, have fun planning your Supergirl-themed event, try not to stress yourself out and smile. If you have a wonderful time on your big day, then your guests should too!