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Sonic Party Supplies are an awesome addition to your kid’s birthday party, to your family night, and/or to your video game gathering. Sonic party decorations are a wonderful way to decorate your party and our Sonic party favors are a great way to say thank you and send your guests off right. Make your Sonic themed party a spectacular one with the help of our wonderful Sonic party supplies!

Sonic the Hedgehog Birthday Party Ideas

He’s the fastest thing alive, and you’ve managed to get Sonic to appear at your very own party. Thrill everyone with your fun activities and great snacks to make this a party nobody will forget!


Edible Ring Cookies: Sonic collects rings as he speeds through various levels, so why not give your guest an extra burst of speed as well? Create some delicious ring-shaped cookies for everyone to grab on the go. You can cut each one to shape if you prefer, or just get a set of cookie cutters that get progressively smaller and cut several cookies out of one. They’ll be gone in the blink of an eye!

Chilidogs: If you were a fan of the animated show, you’d know that Sonic’s favorite food is the chilidog. What better way to feed everyone and get them energized than with some chilidogs? Make your own special chili or get one from the grocery store, the outcome will still be delicious. You can provide lots of toppings for everyone, and grill the buns a little for some extra flavor.


Sonic Games : What better way to test everyone’s skill than by getting them to play the games that made sonic popular? There are several games that came out in the early 90’s that most kids aren’t aware of. Impress the younger generation while giving nostalgia to the old by getting everyone around the TV and letting them play a few levels to remember where Sonic originated from.

Sonic Races: There’s no denying Sonic’s speed, but who is the fastest of your partiers? Set up some races to determine who is the fastest and crown them the champion. You can have individual races or relay races if you’d prefer. You can also do more than footraces as well, such as a swimming competition if the party is out on a hot summer day. Be sure to let everyone participate to make it as fun and festive as possible.

Emerald Search: In the games and TV show, Sonic must search for chaos emeralds. See if everyone can find their own emeralds by hiding them in different locations of the party. You can purchase plastic jewelry that can work as the emeralds, and let kids know that they are scattered throughout the area. Have small prizes for those that find individual ones, and one big prize for the one who can collect the most!

It might be hard to catch Sonic, but you can accomplish this by having all of the right party supplies for your party. Have every character attend so that kids can see everyone at the party with their favorite game character!