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Sofia Party Supplies, Sofia Birthday Party

Sofia party supplies are a cute and colorful way to make your birthday party stand out. Invite your party guests to the magical and exciting world of Sofia the first with the help of our wonderful Sofia birthday decorations, favors and other fun stuff. And, don’t forget to invite the fairies Flora, Merryweather and Fauna and Sofia’s other friends along (like Clover the rabbit) for your special occasion. Everyone is sure to have a great time!

Sofia the First is Coming!

Sofia the First is set to appear as a regular series in 2013, but will first be a movie scheduled to air on November 18, 2012 on Disney Junior. Sofia the First tells the story of Sofia, a young and sweet seven year old girl from with a commoner’s background. Things change rather quickly for her though after her mother marries the king and she is thrust into sudden royalty. Dealing with her new confines, new responsibilities, new behaviors and new expectations isn’t easy for Sofia, and she must learn to adjust to her new life as a princess. The good news is that she’ll have help along the way from new friends, new siblings and maybe a fairy or two. Oh, and who knows, maybe a certain Cinderella will even drop by to lend some advice on becoming a princess.

Sofia Trivia Fun!

A fun and easy way to add to your party decorations is to sprinkle a bit of Sofia trivia here and there for your guests to find. Draw a handful of questions on colorful construction paper and hang them from your walls where guests will see them. Or, write a question and answer on the backs of everyone’s party plates for your guests to test each other with. Whatever you do, make it light-hearted and simple and your guests will appreciate your efforts. As of this writing Sofia the First has not yet aired, but we’ve still provided a few Sofia trivia examples for you to use. However, there should be some better questions after the movie and series begin.

What is the name of Sofia’s rabbit?

Sofia’s rabbit is named “Clover” and will be voiced by actor Wayne Brady.

What is the name of the school Sofia will attend?

After her mother marries the king, Sofia becomes a student at the Royal Prep School.

What is Sofia’s mother’s name?

Sofia’s mother is Queen Miranda

What color is Sofia’s gown officially?

Sofia wears a lilac colored gown.

Have a Wonderfully Fun Sofia Birthday Party!

Invite Sofia, Flora, Fauna, Merryweather, Princess Amber, Prince James, Cedric, Clover, Mia and all the other fun Sofia characters to your big day. We hope you and your family enjoy your Sofia birthday party! Of course, you’ll need our fantastic Sofia party supplies, and make sure you plan out the activities and food ahead of time as well. We’re not telling you to go crazy, but it always helps to map things out before the day gets here. Above all, have a good time with the planning and the day itself, decorate your setting with our charming Sofia party supplies, and everyone should have a wonderful time.