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So So Happy Party Supplies, So So Happy Birthday

We’re so so happy to bring you So So Happy party supplies! So So Happy party supplies are full of so many cool and crazy characters (from monsters to robots to other odd creatures) that you’ll absolutely love setting these up for your birthday party, family night or other special occasion. Celebrate the quirkiness found in all of us with the help of all of our charming and fun So So Happy birthday supplies!

So So Happy Party Supplies and More!

So So Happy is a company dedicated to creating fun and quirky products from their So So Happy studio. Creator Cindy Bailey built the company around funky monsters, happy and not so efficient robots and other fun characters. Cindy and the company donate 10% of all sales to a number of anti-bullying charities due to her son suffering at the hands of bullies as he grew up.

So So Happy Birthday Party Ideas

Throw an extra fun party by having a quirky, positive So So Happy theme that will be unforgettable and so, so fun. Use this party as an opportunity to teach respect, love, and kindness to all of the children there while celebrating with a party that will stay in their memories for years to come.


Monster Cupcakes: Create cupcakes topped with colorful icing for a So So Happy flair at the party. Use every color of the rainbow to represent their trademark rainbow. The colorful treats will certainly be a hit with everyone. Create a sign representing each group from the So So Happy World and make them very colorful (Include the Luckees, Moodees, Friendlees, Oddities, Pickets, Quazees, Kiibots).

Rainbow Ice Cream: Serve scoops of rainbow ice cream in colorful bowls. So So Happy is well known for their rainbow theme and the kids will be drawn over to the table with all those fun colors. Of course, everyone will love the delicious ice cream.

Jellybeans: Hand out small bags of colorful jelly beans with a So So Happy sticker on the front. Attach a positive message to each bag – which is very So So Happy style.


Activity Sheets: Print off a So So Happy page for everyone to color in and make sure you provide a lot of crayons. Once they are finished, give them a pin or a sticker with their favorite So So Happy character.

T-shirt Making Contest: Give everyone a white T-shirt and markers made to be used for garments and then tell everyone to draw their favorite So So Happy monster. Also ask them to write a positive phrase or message on the shirt and ask them why they chose to do that message. Once everyone is finished, tell everyone that they are all the winners to encourage positive thinking.

Why I Am Happy: Ask every child to say what makes them feel happy and why they feel it is important to be happy. Ask them what they feel should be done to end bullying. After the brief exercise, give everyone a goody bag filled with some So So Happy swag to take home.

So, So Happy Characters: Print off some sheets about the inhabitants of the So, So Happy World and tell the kids about a few of them or have them separate into groups and read about each one and what they do to help people and the world.