Smurf Party Supplies: Smurf Party Invitations, Party Favors, and Party Decorations.

Smurf Party Supplies are back in hot demand with a Smurf movie and everything! Transport your birthday or other get-together to a new land with Gargamel and Azrael close behind. Let your guests cheer on Papa Smurf, Smurfette, Clumsy, Brainy, Grouchy and all the Smurfs at your next celebration with these awesome Smurf party supplies!

By: Nicki from Madison, WI
"My kids and I are big Smurfette fans. We bought these for our "Smurf Night" and they were awesome."
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Our Smurf Party Supplies Will Help Make Your Party Absolutely Smurfy!

Smurf party supplies are a fun way to liven up your birthday party, movie night or other fun occasion. Add these Smurfy plates, cups, favors, decorations and other Smurfy items to your party setup and watch your guests smile with delight. Make your special day a great one with the help of our fantastic Smurf party supplies!

The Smurfs Party Food Ideas that go great with the Smurfs Party Supplies

Smurf Cake: Every party needs a cake, so why not make your very own Smurf Cake! We all know homemade is the best, and to go along with the Smurf theme you can make a cake that looks like the Smurfs mushroom houses. It’s really easy to make and you can add your own personal touch.
1. First, bake one square cake and one circle cake.
2. Cut them both in half so you have two rectangles and two half-circles.
3. To create the shape of the mushroom houses, place one semi-circle on top of one rectangle.
4. Repeat with the other semi-circle and rectangle and place side-by-side on a serving tray.
5. Frost both semi-circles with red frosting.
6. Frost both rectangles with light yellow frosting.
7. Add white circles to the semi-circles, or the roofs, with white icing.
8. To add doors to the rectangles, use brown icing.
9. Write your birthday message (i.e. Happy Birthday Ashley) across the roofs of the houses.
10. Serve and enjoy!

Smurf Punch: Blue is the theme here, so having a blue soft drink would add the perfect touch. To make Smurf Punch, use Blue Hawaiian Punch and add lemon line soda. Add blueberries to float in the punch. You could even freeze the punch mixture in Popsicle trays to make Smurf Popsicles.

Smurfberries: Blueberries (or Smurfberries) are a healthy and easy snack to have at a party. Just make a “Smurfberries” label to put on the dish.

The Smurfs Party Games

Gargamel Tag: Designate one child as Gargamel, the evil wizard, and another as Azrael, his cat. Identify a section of the yard as “Gargamel’s Cage.” Everyone else will be smurfs. The child playing Gargamel is the only one who can tag a smurf and send him or her to the cage. The child playing Azrael is the only one who can tag a smurf and freeze him or her for 10 seconds, which makes it easier for Gargamel to tag and send the smurf to the cage. The smurfs must rescue each other from the cage. Have each child take turns playing Gargamel and Azrael.

Brainy Smurf’s Headquarters: Designate a section of the yard as Brainy Smurf’s Headquarters. Have this area devoted to games and puzzles like Hangman, word searches and crossword puzzles, or Sudoku, depending on age. You can have timed contests or a quiet activity while setting up food. Another option is to split the children into two teams and challenge each other with puzzles they make on their own.

Smurfette Says: A smurf rendition of Simon Says. We all know Smurfette is actually the one in charge anyway!

Make Your Own Smurfs: For this craft, you will need FIMO or Sculpey Clay in blue, white, yellow and black. The white is for hats and pants, yellow for hair (if making Smurfette) and black for the eyes and mouth. Give each kid a little of every color and have them sculpt their favorite smurf. Bake the sculptures so children will have their very own homemade figurines. Preheat oven to 275 degrees and bake no longer than 20 minutes. If you decide to use play dough, however, do not bake them.

To learn a little more about The Smurfs, be sure to visit the Party Café!

Smurf party supplies and party activities will help make your birthday party or other celebration a little more fun. We hope you enjoy our Smurfy suggestions, and we wish you the best with all of your Smurf party planning!