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Slumber Party Supplies Go Great with a Slumber Party!

It’s time for a slumber party! So, gather the girls, the pick up your sleeping bags and don’t forget to purchase our awesome slumber party supplies to get your sleepover celebration headed in the right direction. Our charming slumber party decorations, plates, napkins, cups, party favors and other cool party stuff will get your special occasion ready to go. Make your overnight gathering an extra fun one with these wonderful slumber party supplies!

Slumber Birthday Party Ideas

A slumber party can be one of the best parties around, but only if you provide the best treat and activities for your guests. Follow these tips to make sure that they keep coming back for more!


Snack Bar: No slumber party is complete without something to snack on. Give your guests a snack bar where they can go up and grab some treats without any of the guilt. You can offer healthy, sweet, or salty snacks to cater to every type of visitor. Think about the type of people that are going to be at the party, and provide snacks that you know they’ll like.

Make Your Own Popcorn: One of the biggest highlights about a slumber party is sitting around and eating popcorn. However, not many people know of all the ways popcorn can be enjoyed. First, pop your own kernels with some oil in a pan. Once this has been done, provide several different toppings that can be added. This can be flavored powder or candy that can be mixed in. You’ll be able to show everyone how great popcorn can be on many different levels.


Movie Marathon: Planning for a long night ahead? Why not make it a movie night and entertain everyone at the same time? Split the movies up by theme, and see what everyone wants to watch. You can have family-fun films, romantic comedies, or even an action film. If there is a book series that everyone enjoys, think about doing a marathon for the film versions of the novels. No slumber party is done without at least one movie, so prepare everyone for a film festival.

Hide and Sleep: If everyone has a sleeping bag, put a fun twist on hide and seek with this game. It is exactly the same as hide and seek, except for one rule: you have to take your sleeping bag with you. This makes hiding that much more difficult, but can be fun as well. See how well everyone can hide when they have to take their bag with them. Who knows, maybe they’ll fall asleep while hiding?

Karaoke Night: Crank up the tunes and let the good times roll with a karaoke night! This works best if you have a machine, but don’t let that stop you. Get everyone together and grab a few microphones before singing along to your favorite hits.

A slumber party is a staple of every good party. Share these moments by having everything ready and prepared through proper party supplies and proper planning.