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Shopkins Party Supplies, Shopkins Party Favors

Shopkins party supplies and Shopkins party favors are the perfect way to get your Shopkins-themed celebration started! Dress up your party scene with our awesome Shopkins decorations, sprinkle in some vibrant tableware and some wonderfully adorable Shopkins favors for extra fun. You and your guests will have a great time turning your party setting into the perfect Shopkins-filled grocery store with the help of all our fantastic Shopkins party supplies!

Shopkins Favorite Characters

It’s hard to choose a favorite character out of all the Shopkins personalities, but maybe we can help with a list of the more prominent Shopkins individuals. Whether you love Apple Blossom, Cheeky Chocolate, Strawberry Kiss or someone else the most, you’ll love reading all about the quirks and characters of your grocery store favorites.

  • Apple Blossom - Apple Blossom is a delightful apple who loves going on adventures and dreaming big with her many friends. She loves hanging out with the Fruit and Vege and is kind to everyone.

  • Posh Pear – This popular pear can be a bit spoiled, but is also a great listener and friend. She can be found with the Fruit and Vege (probably doing her favorite thing…playing cards!) with her best friend Lippy Lips.

  • Miss Mushy-Moo – Found in with the Vege team, this softy mushroom loves making mud pies and is best friends with Rockin’ Broc.

  • Pineapple Crush – This cute pineapple is probably the most charming pineapple you ever saw! Found on the Fruit and Vege team, this popular pineapple is a keeper.

  • Strawberry Kiss – Always adorable, Strawberry Kiss is, of course, found on the Fruit and Vege team.

  • Cheeky Chocolate – Cheeky Chocolate can be found on the Sweet Treats team. Who wouldn’t love this charming chocolate?

  • Melonie Pips – With a glittery finish, this watermelon is awfully hard to find. That’s because Melonie Pips is a fun one!

    • Other Shopkins Characters

      There’re so many fun Shopkins characters that it’s hard to highlight all of them here. Some of our favorites are Spilt Milk, Rockin’ Broc, Tommy Ketchup, Nutty Butter, Sally Shakes, Peppe Pepper, Gran Jam, Kooky Cookie, Candy Kisses, Lolli Poppins, Bubbles, Miss Twist, Pamela Pancake, Toffy Coffee, Fasta Pasta, Fifi Flour, Shampoo Sue, Bun Bun Slipper, Wedgy Wendy, Sneaky Sue, Betty Boot and many, many more. Whew! That’s a lot of characters (and a lot of fun) for your Shopkins fans!

      Have a Wonderful Shopkins Birthday Party!

      Celebrate in Shopkins style with all of our fabulous Shopkins party supplies! Your favorite Shopkins fan will love handing out Shopkins party favors, decorating with our fantastic Shopkins decorations and dressing up their party tables with all of our colorful party tableware. Make your day a little more special for your special ones with the addition of all our adorable Shopkins party supplies!