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Sheriff Callie Party Supplies, Sheriff Callie Decorations

Bring a touch of the Wild West to your birthday party or other gathering with the addition of our fantastic Sheriff Callie party supplies and Sheriff Callie decorations! Pink and tan cowboy hats, sheriffs badges, Sheriff Callie decorations, colorful tableware and other fun party items will turn your celebration into an adorable scene from Nice and Friendly Corners. Add some western charm to your birthday party or other get-together with the help of all our Sheriff Callie party supplies!

Sheriff Callie Characters

Welcome to the western town of Nice and Friendly Corners! Here your little ones can learn about good manners and friendship, all while listening to some of the rootinest, tootinest music around. So grab your cowboy hat and give a shout of “Leaping lassos!” as you get introduced to some of our favorite characters featured on Sheriff Callie’s Wild West:

  • Sheriff Callie: Sheriff Callie loves wearing her pink cowboy hat, cowboy boots, vest and sweatshirt and of course her sheriff’s badge. This calico cat law enforcer is always with her magic noodle lasso that can turn into all kinds of different shapes.

  • Deputy Peck: As you might guess by his name, Deputy Peck is a woodpecker. He serves as second in command to Sheriff Callie. His best friend is Toby the cactus. Deputy Peck enjoys sweeping the jail house, whistling, playing horseshoes and maybe bragging a little bit every now and then. He’s also a neat freak who enjoys saying “Holy Jalepenos!” when he’s excited.

  • Toby: Toby’s a cactus whose full name is Tobias P. Cactus. He happens to be a great dancer with a great attitude who loves to have fun. He enjoys following Callie and Peck around in the barrel he uses to move about. He can play the harmonica, is especially fond of milkshakes and popcorn and is best friends with Peck.

Other characters that you’ll run into on Sheriff Callie are Governor Groundhog, Uncle Bun, Ella Cowbelle, Priscilla Skunk, Farmer Stinky, Dirty Dan, Dusty, Banker Badger and Mrs. Rattlesnake. There’s also many other fun characters who make up the Nice and Friendly Corners community. So next time you and your little ones get the chance, ride along for a charming adventure with Sheriff Callie’s Wild West.

Planning a Sheriff Callie Birthday Party?

If you’re planning a Sheriff Callie birthday party, be sure to include our selection of wonderful Sheriff Callie party supplies! Add pink cowboy hats as party favors, decorate your tables with colorful tableware and include some western themed decorations for some added excitement. Turn your celebration into the town of Nice and Friendly Corners with the help of all our fantastic Sheriff Callie party supplies!