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Shake It Up Birthday Party Ideas

Shake It Up is a television show aimed at kids and tweens that is a runaway hit for the Disney Channel! Plan a Shake It Up party with lots of fun activities, dancing, and food that will go along great with your Shake It Up Party Supplies, to make your Shake it Up party a huge success!

Party Activities

Shake It Up Dance Contest: All of the popular gaming console systems have dance competition games, like “Just Dance,” “Dance Central,” and “Dance Dance Revolution.” They all come with a selection of popular songs, and most of them have other songs that are available for purchase over the game networks. Have all your guests take turns showing off their best dance moves, just like Rocky, and Cece!

Shake It Up Game Show: Have a Shake It Up trivia contest to find out who knows the most about the show. Make up your own questions from favorite episodes, or find trivia questions and answers online. Write them out on flashcards, and compete for the title of Shake It Up’s biggest fan!

Shake It Up Makeovers: Rocky and Cece love to dress up when they are performing on Shake It Up Chicago, and so will your guests. Set up makeover stations, with feather boas, sequined skirts and shoes, glitter makeup, and sparkly nail polish. When everyone gets dressed up, let everyone pose for pictures. Print out the pictures, and glue them to craft foam picture frames and let your guests decorate them. Send them home with your guests for a fun party favor!

Party Food

Make Your Own Mini-Pizzas: Set out English muffins, or plain bagels, pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, green peppers, and other toppings. Let your guests create their own pizzas for a custom snack that they will love!

Fruit Kabobs: Rocky Blue is a vegetarian, so make fruit kabobs that are healthy and delicious. Cut up pieces of melon, strawberry, pineapple, kiwi and other favor fruits. Lace them on bamboo skewers for a colorful and yummy treat!

Shake It Up Salads: Get a pint-sized mason jar for each guest. In each jar, layer baby spinach, romaine lettuce, shredded carrots, cucumber, grape tomatoes, and cheese, along with other toppings you enjoy. Just before serving, have guests add their favorite salad dressings, and then put the top on. Let everybody “shake it up” to blend their salads, and dressings!

Remember, it all starts with the Shake It Up Party Supplies!