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Seahorse Party Supplies, Seahorse Party Decorations

Take a ride under the sea with our fabulous and fun seahorse party supplies. Featuring a smiling pink seahorse centered around a host of colorful happy fish, these cute plates and other birthday supplies are a great way to decorate your big day. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, family night or other special day, you and your guests will love this ocean theme. Bring home a bit of the high seas for your special occasion with our wonderful seahorse party supplies!

What’s Up With The Seahorse?

A horse is a horse of course, of course unless it’s a seahorse. There are 47 species of fish included in the genus Hippocampus, so named from the Greek hippos meaning “horse” and kampos meaning “sea monster”. You’d of thought that they would have reserved the name kampos for something larger, scarier looking and more sea monsterish, but there you have it.

Physically, the seahorse is rather small. Measuring in size from about half an inch to 14 inches long, they lack scales and instead have a series of bony plates which are arranged in rings across their bodies. A thin skin is stretched over these plates. They swim upright unlike most other fish that swim side to side. Unlike other fish, they also have a flexible neck with a coronet (crown) sitting atop their head.

The seahorse is a slow swimming fish, and, in fact, the dwarf seahorse is known as the slowest swimming fish known to man. It moves at the excruciating slow speed of 5 feet per hour. As swimming isn’t their strong point, they frequently grab hold of stationary objects with their tail and suck up food with their snouts. They enjoy eating small crustaceans that they find on the sea floor or that are floating in their area. Resting and remaining still, they are excellently camouflaged and able to snap up shrimp and larval fish that drift by.

Should You Put a Seahorse in Your Aquarium?

The answer is yes and no. Seahorses caught in the wild generally fare poorly in captivity. They become stressed, because they are not used to their confines. However, seahorses bred in captivity generally do okay in an aquarium. Like any fish, you need to be careful who you place in the aquarium with the seahorse. They are slow moving creatures that eat slowly. If they are forced to compete with faster eating fish, they may have problems. Obviously, you’ll want to consult an expert before you bring a seahorse home to your aquarium.

Have a Great Seahorse Birthday Party!

Have a great time at your seahorse birthday party or other sea themed celebration. Try to plan your get-together ahead of time, be positive and you should have a wonderful time. Lastly, remember to include our fantastic seahorse party supplies to make sure your party looks spectacular!