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Puss N Boots Party Supplies, Puss N Boots Birthday Party

Puss in Boots party supplies will help make your next Puss N Boots birthday party an adventure. If you’ve got a fan of the mischievous feline in your house, what better way to start off their celebration than with some Puss N Boots party items? Make your Puss N Boots birthday or other special event a little more wonderful with the assistance of our Puss in Boots party supplies.

Puss in Boots History and Other Information

Shrek 2 was the movie where Puss made his first appearance. Puss in Boots was in consideration for a film since around the time of the release of Shrek 2 in 2004. At first, the plan was to have Puss in Boots as a direct to video production. Originally, the name of film was to be Puss in Boots: The Story of an Ogre Killer. Eventually, they decided to make the movie a theatrical release (instead of direct to video) and scheduled it for after the fourth Shrek movie. This was done primarily so the Shrek movie storylines involving Puss didn’t conflict with the Puss in Boots storyline.

Antonio Banderas was the voice of Puss in the Shrek movies, and he again did Puss’ voice in the Puss in Boots movie. Guillermo del Toro (director of Pan’s Labyrinth, a fairytale styled movie that you should see if you haven’t already…a bit dark and not for little kids, but wonderfully done) was signed on as executive producer, mostly for his advice on certain matters of the film.

New characters were created for this movie outside of the Shrek movies. This was done again so no overlapping storylines between the Shrek films and the Puss in Boots movie would occur. Among them were “Kitty Softpaws”, “Humpty Alexander Dumpty”, “Jack and Jill” and others. The story for the Puss in Boots movie would actually end up taking place as a prequel to the Shrek series and would be finally released on October 28, 2011.