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Puppy Party Supplies, Dog Party Supplies

Enjoy our selection of adorable puppy party supplies! But, let’s get this out of the way, first. You will not find dog party supplies or rather party supplies for dogs on this page. In other words, this page will not contain pictures of cute dog biscuits, puppy toys, those cute little dog Christmas sweaters or anything like that. You won’t find dogtags or dog collars here. Our dog party supplies or puppy party supplies are for kids who love puppys and are having a birthday or other celebration. Our charming puppy themed products are plates, cups, napkins, decorations, favors and other fun party items that are perfect for your special one’s big day.

What’s the Deal with Puppies?

Puppies are born with their eyes close and a heightened (compared to humans) sense of smell. It’s during this period that they primarily use their nose to locate their mother and their other siblings. It can be stressful for puppies to be without contact from its family. After this initial two weeks, all of their senses develop quickly.

The puppy’s eyes beginning opening around 10 days after birth. Their sight, although limited at the start, gains strength over time. The puppy’s ears also unseal around this time (or a little after) and, like their eyesight, the puppy’s hearing improves with age. Finally, it takes between two to four weeks for other puppy traits to emerge. Puppies begin to bite, wag their tails, growl and bark, and after this initial two to four weeks, the puppies develop rapidly. If you bring a puppy home for a pet, make sure that you give it lots of love and human contact to make sure that it is socialized properly.

Okay, well there are a few bits of information about puppies. We hope that you and your guests have a wonderful time at your puppy or dog themed celebration. And, don’t forget to include our adorable puppy party supplies for your special occasion!

Party Activities

Go Fetch: Set out plastic bones in a backyard and line the kids up in two teams: each member has to run and grab a bone and bring it back in a relay. First team to get all their bones wins.

Hound Dog Dance: Play the classic Elvis “Hound Dog” and have a freeze dance contest (or even musical chairs). Have kids act out their best puppy impersonation.

Red Rover: This backyard classic is a favorite for kids and perfect for the puppy theme!

Pin the Tail on the Doggie: A puppy version of the classic pin the tail on the donkey, with blindfolded kids trying to put the tail on a cardboard poster of a puppy.

Party Food

Sugary Bones: What puppy doesn’t like to chew on a bone? Make sugar cookies and use a cutout to make bone-shaped cookies for all the little puppies to enjoy. Smother with vanilla icing for an extra treat.

Kibbles n’ Bits: Make your own version of puppy chow by serving chocolate rice puff cereal in a big bowl with a trail mix. You can add raisins, some peanuts or other healthy snacks to bulk up the “kibble.”

Hot Dogs: Serve hot dogs for a fun take on the dog-theme party.

Dalmatian Cakes: Make cupcakes (or one large sheet cake) and cover with white vanilla frosting. Then take chocolate icing to make Dalmatian-like dots and spots. Serve in new puppy bowls with each child’s name on them.