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Princess and the Frog Party Supplies, Princess and the Frog Birthday Party

Princess and the Frog party supplies are a wonderful way to decorate your celebration in perfect Princess and the Frog style! Invite Tiana and her friends to your birthday party or other special occasion with the help of these terrific Princess and the Frog themed cups, plates, napkins, decorations, cake supplies, favors and other cool themed party items. Make your big day a huge success for you and your guests will the help of these fantastic Princess and the Frog party supplies!

Princess and the Frog Trivia Fun!

Princess and the Frog trivia can be a fun way to add some decoration around your event, or to create a party activity to base a game around. See if your party guests can answer our questions (below), and add your own. Whatefer you do with your Princess and the Frog trivia, have fun with it and your guests should too!

What is the name of Prince Naveen’s valet, who, with the help of Dr Facilier, disguises himself as Prince Naveen?

Prince Naveen’s valet (who impersonates Naveen) is Lawrence.

In the bayou, what is the name of the alligator that Tiana and Naveen meet, and what instrument does he play?

The alligator’s name is Louis and he plays the trumpet.

Who is the firefly Ray in love with?

Ray is in love with Evangeline (who later turns out to be the brightest star in the sky)

What actress voiced the character of Tiana?

Actress Anika Noni Rose voiced the character of Tiana (over some notable actresses such as Jennifer Hudson and Alicia Keys who were considered)

Which character does actor John Goodman voice in the movie Princess and the Frog?

John Good man voiced the character Eli “Big Daddy” La Bouff (the father of Tiana’s friend Charlotte)

Which character does Oprah Winfrey voice in the movie?

Oprah Winfrey voiced the character of Eudora (Tiana’s mom) in the movie.

May your Princess and the Frog birthday party or other occasion be a big success whether or not you incorporate a little Princess and the Frog trivia in it or not. Plan ahead for your party and you should have an easier time with it. And, don’t forget to include our fantastic Princess and the Frog party supplies to help add some fun to your big day!