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Pirate Girl Party Supplies, Pirate Girl Birthday Party

Pirate Girl party supplies are a pink and pretty way to celebrate your girl’s love of pirates. These cute and spunky girl pirate themed plates, cups, napkins decorations, favors and other fun party items are sure to dress up your birthday party or other special occasion. Shout out “Ahoy, matey!” and make your big day a little more special with the help of these wonderful girl pirate party supplies!

Famous Women Pirates of the 16th and 17th Centuries

There have been a number of famous (or infamous) women pirates throughout history. There were women pirates who showed up in China or the Adriatic Sea before the Romans were making their conquests across Europe. There were girl pirates throughout the Middle Ages across northern Europe, and there were women pirates in the 16th and 17th centuries.

One notable woman pirate of the 17th century was Ann Dieu-le-Veut. Ann (frequently called Marianne) was French and believed to have deported from France to Tortuga as a criminal. There, she married pirate Pierre Length. At some point, Pierre was killed in a fight by fellow buccaneer Laurens de Graff, and the story goes that Anne then challenged Laurens to a duel to avenge her husband. Laurens and Anne both drew their weapons, but Laurens relented because he would not fight a woman. Overwhelmed by her courage, Laurens proposed to Anne and she accepted (what about her husband who just died?), but reports doubt whether they were ever actually officially married because Laurens had another wife he had abandoned (not exactly the most likeable people, but these are pirates remember).

From there, Anne and Laurens traveled the Caribbean seas pirating. She did not hide her sex and is said to have commanded the ship with Laurens and fought beside him. At one point, Anne was taken prisoner by the English and released and reunited with Laurens a few years later. As to their fate, differing accounts have them settling down in the Mississippi area, and/or being killed in battle.

Okay, so now you know a little bit about a female pirate you may not ever have heard of. We hope your girl pirate party is a huge success, and it never hurts to throw some girl pirate knowledge around. Have fun with your pirate theme and your guests will also. And, don’t forget to include our fantastic girl pirate party supplies to help decorate your celebration!