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Peppa Pig Party Supplies, Peppa Pig Birthday Party

Looking to throw a wonderful Peppa Pig birthday party? To make your Peppa themed special occasion really sparkle, be sure to include our wonderful Peppa Pig party supplies. Our selection of colorfully styled tableware, decorations, cake kits and other party products will enhance any room. Make your party atmosphere full of Peppa fun with the help of our fantastic Peppa Pig party supplies!

Peppa Pig is Fun!

I don’t know what it is about Peppa Pig. Maybe it’s the fun accents on Peppa and the other young pigs, or maybe it’s the occasional snorting, but I always really liked this show when I’d watch it with my kids. This is especially true when you compare Peppa Pig to shows like Dora the Explorer (no offense Dora, but you’re a tough watch for a parent) and Max and Ruby.

A Little Peppa Pig History

Peppa Pig got its start on Channel 5 in the United Kingdom in May, 2004. The show first appeared on American televisions as a part of the Tickle-U preschool TV block on the Cartoon Network in 2005. Later it would appear on Noggin (now Nick Jr.) in December, 2007 where it was dubbed over with American sounding voices. In Peppa Pig’s third season (2009) that broadcasted on Channel 5 Harley Bird replaced previous actresses who had performed as Peppa’s voice.

Peppa Pig Seatbelt and Bike Helmet Controversy

Showing that some people have nothing better to do than complain, Peppa Pig was criticized by some when some characters failed to wear seatbelts in some early episodes. Still others complained that none of the characters wore bike helmets either. Apparently, these people failed to realize that a) they were watching a cartoon and b) they were watching a cartoon. They also failed to consider that they were watching a cartoon.

To appease these complaints, the people in charge at Peppa Pig headquarters re-animated the scenes to include seatbelts and bike helmets. They also announced that all future episodes would be sure to have the characters wearing seatbelts. No word yet on whether or not Warner Bros. will go back and re-animate some Bugs Bunny and Wile E. Coyote episodes to remove any Acme dynamite. Don’t get us started on Elmer Fudd’s shotgun either.

Have a Great Peppa Pig Birthday Party!

Have a wonderful Peppa Pig birthday party or other celebration! Invite all the Peppa Pig characters with the help of our wonderful Peppa Pig party supplies and other birthday favorites. Remember to smile a lot and enjoy your get-together, and your guests should have a great time too!