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Pebbles Birthday Party Ideas

Celebrate in prehistoric style with a Pebbles Flintstone themed birthday party. Everyone loves the Flintstones. Pebbles in particular is a fun character and is perfect for a child’s party. Bring Pebbles over to the party for an unforgettable day.


Prehistoric Mud Pie: Pretend that Wilma has made Pebbles her favorite pie – chocolate pudding with gummy worms. Serve with chocolate ice cream to keep up with the mud pie theme.

Dinosaur Chicken Nuggets: Purchase some dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets from the store, cook them, and then set them out once everyone arrives with some dipping sauce. It is sure to be a hit and kids will wonder how you got the nuggets to be shaped like dinosaurs.

Pebbles Punch: Prepare orange punch in honor of Pebbles’ hair and then add gummy dinosaurs to it in honor of her pet Dino. This one is dedicated to Pebbles 100%.


Dinosaur Egg Hunt: Everyone will have a blast as they search the yard for colorful dinosaur eggs (You can lay out large plastic eggs full of candy or chocolate). Give them lots of time to find all of them, and then have everyone count up how many they found. The winner gets to take home a stuffed dinosaur or a Flintstones coloring book.

Rock Painting: Just like Pebbles and Bam Bam, the children at the party can experience the fun of playing with rocks. Use clean, dry rocks and place them at a “painting station” table. Once the stones dry, everyone can take home their Stone Age masterpieces – and can brag about their new pet rock.

Caveman Coloring: In honor of the Flintstones family, set up a caveman drawing station where each child can draw their own interpretation of cavemen, dinosaurs – anything that they can think of that is Flintstones related. This one is sure to last for a while as the kids talk about the Stone Age and the famed cartoon while they draw and color.

Bowling: Take a cue from Pebbles’ dad, Fred Flintstone, and set up a mini bowling alley. Give each child three tries to knock down all of the pins before giving another guest a chance.

Pebbles TV: After a long and energetic day, give everyone a chance to relax by playing a classic Flintstones episode that stars Pebbles. The kids will appreciate the chance to sit back and relax while watching a fun show that is sure to make them laugh.