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Our colorful and sheik selection of peacock napkins, peacock tableware, peacock party decorations and other fantastic peacock party supplies are the perfect complement to your elegant occasion. Whether hosting a birthday party, throwing a dinner party for friends, or you simply wanting to add some vibrant and beautiful designs to your event, you’ll love this tasteful selection of peacock party products. Add some color and flair to your next party with the help of our wonderful peacock party supplies!

What’s Up with the Peacock?

Everyone recognizes the peacock for its color and beauty. In fact, probably its best known modern day representation is the NBC Peacock symbol which was chosen to represent vibrant colors. But, what else do we know about the peacock? I mean, we know the peacock design makes for some wonderfully attractive peacock party supplies, but what else is there?

Well, first the peacock should really be called the Peafowl. That’s the name of this entire species of birds. It’s the male Peafowl that is known as the peacock. The female is called a peahen and the baby peafowls are called peachicks. Of course, it’s the male peafowls that are known for their colorful plumage (the females are grey and/or brown), so what we think of as a peacock is correct after all.

The three species of Peafowl are the Indian Peafowl, iridescent green or green/blue coloring, the Green Peafowl, green and gold plumage, and the Congo Peafowl, feathers dark blue with a bit of green and violet. The Indian Peafowl is primarily located in South Asia and the Green Peafowl is found between Burma and Java. The Congo Peafowl is located along the Congo River Basin and is the most different of the three types of peafowl.

The Peacock’s Colors

Okay, brace yourself. We’re going to talk a little science. The peacock’s plumage colors come primarily from structural coloration and not from pigments. Optical interference Bragg reflections (yep, you’ll want to look that up) of the feathers make the colors and slight differences in the spacing between the feathers makes for different colors. Unlike colors that are simply from pigment, the peacock’s colors (and the spacing between the feathers) allow for a variety of light angles and cause the iridescence.

What’s the Purpose of the Peacock’s Colors Anyway?

There are basically two main theories for the peacock’s colored plumage. The first is that the females are more attracted to the colored plumage of the male. The second is that the male colored plumage is meant for intimidation directed at their peacock competition. No solid conclusions as to the purpose of the peacock’s plumage have yet been reached.