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You and your party guests will absolutely love celebrating in chic style with all of our wonderful Paris party supplies! Beautiful Paris couture graces these amazing napkins, plates and other elegant table decorations. Sophisticated Parisian coffee mugs add a refined element to our selection of paper goods. Make your next celebration full of Parisian style with our charming selection of fabulous Paris party supplies!

Paris Decorations, Activities, and Food Ideas to Go Along with the Paris Party Supplies

The Paris themed party is the best idea if you have a teenager who loves everything related to Paris. Taking the whole birthday party to Paris would be a little too expensive so how about you bring Paris to your home?


The runway: To start the party off, make the guests feel special by laying out a runway for them. The best runway would be a simple yet shiny red fabric that is secured to the floor. This “red carpet” will give all the guests the feeling of royalty and this will make the party a lot more memorable. To make it even more extraordinary, you or someone else from the family can be stationed at the runway and take pictures of all the stars that are coming in.

The inside: Now for the real thing you need to have a lot of landmarks. When you are going with a Paris inspired theme, you just can’t do without the Eiffel tower so make certain that you have that. You can find big inflatable Eiffel towers from super stores or you could just paint a couple of them around the house. Also, don’t forget the bistro tables and chairs if you have enough space inside or outside the house.


French trivia: As an activity, you can conduct a French trivia for the kids. You must remember that the focus needs to be on the country, its important landmarks, its famous people and maybe the food. Make sure the trivia is according to the ages of the children because you might end up getting no winner at all if the quiz is too hard.


French food: The French are extremely very serious about their food, so you need to do the same when you are planning the menu. One necessary item on the table has to be the cheese or a cheese tray. You can also keep finger foods such as croissants and other such appetizers. Keep everything classic by serving the kids with some French toast and French fries. For the adult guests, you can have pot roast, soup or any other food that comes from the French.

The drinks: France, and Paris especially, are well known for their higher grade wines, but you can’t have the kids drinking wine can you? So as an alternative you can supply them with non alcoholic wine or better yet, some sparkling grape juice in wine glasses.