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Olivia Party Supplies, Olivia Birthday Party

Olivia party supplies are an enchanting party theme for anyone who loves Olivia! Our colorful pink and red Olivia themed party decorations, tableware and other party items show off Olivia in all of her funny and glorious form. Olivia dancing in a tutu, Olivia as a princess and Olivia in other fun settings will liven up your party setup in amazing ways. Make your party guests smile and exclaim their delight with the help of these wonderful Olivia party supplies!

Olivia Trivia and Fun Facts!

Test you and your guests’ knowledge of all things Olivia! Make a game out of our trivia (below) and/or include your own questions and answers for a fun party activity. Or, simply write down Olivia trivia questions (and their answers) throughout your party for the amusement of your guests. Olivia trivia can simply be an easy and small fun party of your Olivia birthday party or other special occasion.

How old is Olivia and how old is Ian her brother?

Olivia is six years old, and Ian her brother is four years old.

What type of business does Olivia’s mom run?

Olivia’s mom runs a party planning business (unconfirmed reports state that she buys all of her party supplies from Discount Party Supplies) from her home.

What is Olivia’s dad’s profession?

Olivia’s dad is an architect.

Who are Perry and Edwin?

Perry and Edwin are Olivia’s dog and cat. Perry has a lot of energy and enjoys playing around, while Edwin usually prefers to sleep.

Who is Olivia’s teacher and what instrument does she like to play?

Olivia’s teacher is Mrs. Hoggenmueller and she likes to play the cowbell (her style is slightly different from Will Ferrell’s)

Which family member of Olivia’s is a professional football player?

Olivia’s uncle (“Uncle Garrett”) is a professional football player

What are Olivia’s twin classmates’ names and what do these two often say?

Olivia has twin boy classmates “Oscar” and “Otto”. Both like to say “It’s cool.” Often.

Enjoy our Olivia trivia at your next celebration. It’s a simple and fun activity that you can easily include in your birthday party or other occasion. Add a little Olivia, or a lot, and hopefully you and your guests will have fun with. Finally, don’t forget to include our fabulous Olivia party supplies on your big day!