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Ocean Preppy Girl Party Supplies, Ocean Preppy Girl Birthday Party

Ocean Preppy Party Supplies are a pink and colorful way to help decorate your special occasion. Whether celebrating an ocean themed baby shower, birthday party or some other big day, our charming pink whales and smiling octopus make this tableware perfect for any celebration. Lend some adorable cuteness to your gathering with the help of our wonderful Ocean Preppy party supplies.

Ocean Currents: What’s Going On with Those?

An ocean current is a continuous directional flow of ocean water generated and affected by numerous factors including, wind, cabbeling (look it up), temperature, tides, salinity changes, Coriolis affect (again, look it up), waves and other factors. Things such as the type of shoreline and depth of the water also have an impact.

Ocean currents tend to travel great distances and have enormous impact on different climates, bringing warmer water and temperatures to certain regions and colder water and temperatures to other regions. Probably the most well-known ocean current is the Gulf Stream which makes northwest Europe much more moderate in temperature than is typical for its latitude. Another ocean current that has an obvious impact (in the opposite direction) is the California Current, which makes Hawaii much cooler and more temperate than its latitude would suggest.

Okay, so what do ocean currents have to do with your Ocean Girl party? Not a whole, actually, but we like to surprise our visitors from time to time. You never know though when a conversation about ocean currents might come up at your birthday party. Probably never you say? Okay, okay, this may be a bit of a stretch as far as how relatable it is, but hey, give us a break.

We certainly do hope that your Ocean Preppy themed party is a huge success. Have a wonderful time with your hosting and planning, and it’s likely that your party guests will have a great time too. And, of course, don’t forget to add these pretty Ocean Preppy party supplies to your special occasion to help make it a little more special!