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Nurse Birthday and Party Supplies, Nurse Favors

Nurse party supplies are a fantastic way to brighten your nurse or aspiring nurse’s big day. Whether you’re celebrating a graduation, throwing a nurse themed birthday party or simply decorating for your little one’s big dream, you’ll love our huge selection of charming nurse decorations, nurse party favors and other nurse party favorites. Support the nurse or nurses in your life with all our colorful and cute nurse party supplies!

A History of Nursing

The first recorded instances of nursing were thought to have come around in about 300 AD. During this time, the Roman Empire wanted to place a hospital in every town under its command. Many nurses during that time period assisted in medical care alongside the doctors in the hospitals. When the Roman Empire became the Byazantine Empire, the field of nursing evolved further with the addition of 2 more hospitals in Constantinople, where both male and female nurses were employed. The nursing profession got its biggest push in Europe during the middle ages, being mostly promoted by the Catholic church.

Nurse Party Games & Activities

  • Pin the Hat on the Nurse - A twist on the classic "tail on the donkey". Obtain a drawing or picture of a nurse and create a hat that the kids can "pin" to the nurses head. Provide a blindfold for the players and hand out prizes to the winners!
  • Operation - The classic "Operation" game will fit right in at a nurse party!
  • Nursing School Graduation - Create a list of nursing-themed questions that are easy for guests to answer (especially young ones). Hand out a "diploma" to each guest who correctly answers a question.
  • Nursing Favor Bags - Kids love favors! Put together bags of nurse- or doctor-themed toys, vests, hats, etc., and decorate them with the red cross medical symbol. Hand them out to guests on arrival or departure.