Ni Hao Kai Lan

Ni Hao Kai Lan Party Supplies: Ni Hao Kai Lan Birthday Invitations, Party Favors, and Decorations.

Ni Hao Kai-Lan party supplies have arrived! Say "Ni Hao!" (Chinese for “hello”) to your little girl on her birthday with these charming birthday items from the popular TV show. Your party guests will love seeing Kai-Lan, Rintoo, Ho-Ho, Tolee and Lulu on this enchanting tableware, invitations and other fun items. Make your next special occasion a fun one with these wonderful birthday supplies!

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Party Pack

(For 8 Guests)

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Ni Hao Kai Lan Party Supplies, Kai Lan Birthday Party

Ni Hao Kai Lan party supplies are a great way to decorate your party if you’ve got a little Kai Lan fan in your family. Our charming Ni Hao Kai Lan decorations, favors, and colorful tableware will lend a wonderful Kai Lan themed atmosphere to your whole party setting. Bring smiles and excitement to all of your party guests with the help of these fantastic Ni Hao Kai Lan party supplies!

Ni Hao Kai-Lan Birthday Party

Ni Hao Kai-Lan is an original series on Nick Jr. that teaches children about the Chinese culture and values. If your child is a fan of this show, we have some cool ideas for a themed party!

Ni Hao Kai-Lan Games

Chopsticks Relay: Since chopsticks are what the Chinese like to use, have a relay race to see who can pick up the most cotton balls with chopsticks! It sounds harder than you think.

Origami: The Chinese are also known for making animals and other objects out of paper! It’s a fun activity to do at any party, and the kids get to take home what they make. You can learn how to make some simple origami, like planes and stars.

Make a Chinese New Year Fan: A fun and easy craft to do with your group. How to make it:
1. Gather red paper for all your guests. Red is a very prominent color in Chinese culture.
2. Let the kids decorate the fan however they would like, using crayons or markers.
3. Next, have them fold the paper accordion-style, about one inch for every pleat.
4. Hold all the pleats together at one end.
5. Using chenille stems, in red and gold, wrap three around the bottom to hold it in place.
6. You now have Chinese New Year Fans! They are very popular in China, and have been for centuries.

Party Food Ideas

Egg Rolls and Noodles: Since we’re going with a Chinese theme, serve egg rolls and noodles as side items. Since every kid may not like Chinese food, you may want to serve regular party food along with it. Make sure you let them eat with chopsticks though!

Fortune Cookie Cupcakes: Make cupcakes for the dessert, and top each one with a fortune cookie!

Kai-Lan Chow’s Candy Sushi: Kai-Lan is always incorporating Chinese culture into her life in America. One yummy way to do that is to make candy sushi! This is one type of sushi you know your kids will like. To make it, flatten out rice crispy treats. Next, put gummy bears or gummy worms on top of the rice crispy treats. Roll up the rice crispy treats and gummy bears in a fruit roll up and then slice it and serve.

Ni Hao Kai Lan party supplies are an easy way to get most of your party planning (at least the decorations) done quickly. Have fun with your planning and try to keep the possible stress to a minimum. Have fun with your party and your guests will too!