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My Little Pony Party Supplies, My Little Pony Birthday Party

My Little Pony party supplies are an adorable accent to any birthday party or family event. Vibrant pink and purple colors outline these charming plates, cups, napkins and more that also feature a number of your favorite My Little Ponies. Your party guests will love these classic and pretty My Little Pony party supplies, and you’ll love their shouts of excitement!

My Little Pony History : When Did My Little Pony First Begin?

It seems like My Little Pony has been around forever, and, depending on your age, this may be accurate. My Little Pony evolved from a larger pony toy line, “My Pretty Pony” that was introduced by Hasbro in 1981. Shortly thereafter, the illustrator for “My Pretty Pony” went to work for Hasbro directly, reduced the size of the toy line from 10 inches, and reintroduced and renamed the line “My Little Pony” in 1983.

Originally, Hasbro brought out Generation One of the My Little Ponies in 1982 with an original line called Earth Ponies. After the Earth Ponies line, they began producing many others in pretty rapid succession. These additional lines (still part of Generation One) included the Pegasus Ponies, Unicorn Ponies, Sea Ponies and Flutter Ponies. Many other set of ponies were also produced such as Rainbow Ponies (1983), Pony Friends (which included other animals) and many others with success.

The second generation (Generation Two) of ponies came out in 1997. These My Little Ponies had an updated design that included jeweled eyes, turning heads and other changes. This generation was much less successful than Generation One and was discontinued in 1999.

Generation Three of the My Little Ponies came out in 2003. This line included newer versions of Earth Ponies, Pegasus Ponies, Unicorn Ponies and others. Hasbro also brought out some special collector’s editions as a way to recognize the My Little Pony fans that had grown up with their love of the brand.

I have to be honest. As far as character or theme histories go, the My Little Pony history is probably one of the more boring ones we’ve ever wrote about. Regardless, the My Little Pony brand is a popular one and little girls everywhere love it. If you’re planning on having a My Little Pony birthday party or other celebration, don’t forget to include our wonderful My Little Pony party supplies!