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Moana Party Supplies, Disney Princess Moana

Moana party supplies will take your birthday party back in time to the fabled land of Oceania. Follow the story of Moana and turn your celebration into the perfect Polynesian get-together with the addition of our wonderful Moana tableware, party favors and colorful decorations. Invite your guests along on an enchanting island adventure with the help of all our fantastic Moana party supplies!

Experience the Story of Moana

Journey to the South Pacific of long ago with Moana, the upcoming animated movie from Disney. Moana is the story of an adventurous teenager who learns of her ancestors who sailed the seas for generations, exploring the world and the creatures it held. However, for some reason, the travels stopped years ago, and no one around Moana seemingly knows why. She takes it upon herself to journey out into the ocean and try to find the answer to this mystery.

Along the way, Moana will meet many challenges and discover both friendly and dangerous creatures. The once-strong demi-god, Maui, will befriend her and journey with her to remote locations. Will they find the answers that Moana seeks? We will have to wait until the movie is released to find out. Moana is scheduled to premiere on November 23, 2016.