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Minnie Mouse Party Supplies and Other Minnie Mouse Fun!

Minnie Mouse party supplies are usually the first step in planning for any Minnie Mouse party. Next, you’ll want invite your guests and think about adding party activities and/or other fun stuff to do. Of course, you’ll need food and beverages to accompany your Minnie Mouse party supplies, and you’ll need other items as well. Make a checklist, so you’ll remember everything in your preparations.

Minnie Mouse Trivia Fun!

To help you a bit with that, or to provide a quick ingredient to some Minnie Mouse fun, we’ve come up with some Minnie Mouse trivia below. While, not quite a party game, you can use trivia in a number of places in your party. For one, you can decorate your party with trivia questions (write it on tableware for instance) for parents and kids alike. Or, for two, you could make a game out of it. Anyway, here’s some fun Minnie Mouse trivia for your entertainment. !

What is Minnie short for?

Minnie was originally given the name “Minerva Mouse”, which was quickly shortened to Minnie. !

What is Minnie Mouse’s sister’s name?

Minnie has a sister named Mandie Mouse!

When was Minnie Mouse created?

Minnie Mouse was created at the same time as Mickey, in 1928 by Ub Iwerks!

What fashion trend of the time influenced the look of Minnie?

Although her look has become more conservative over the years, she still can be seen with some of her “flapper” fashion that influenced her look today. !

Who first voiced Minnie Mouse?

Walt Disney first voiced Minnie Mouse!

What is the name of Minnie’s twin nieces?

Minnie’s twin nieces are named Millie and Melody Mouse. !

Plan ahead and make your Minnie themed party entertaining for your guests. We hope your party runs smoothly and is a huge success. Have fun with it, and remember to include our fabulous Minnie Mouse party supplies!