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Mermaid party supplies are a delightful and finn-tastic addition to any birthday party celebration. Of course, our mermaid themed tableware, decorations and other party items don’t have to be for birthdays alone. They can easily be used for family night and/or other special occasions where a mermaid’s charm will add wonder and fun to your event. Make your birthday party or other gathering extra special with the help of our adorable mermaid party supplies.

Mermaid Decorations, Activities, and Food to Go Along with the Mermaid Party Supplies

Throwing a mermaid themed birthday bash for your little girl is a terrific idea. If your girl loves all things ‘mermaid’, then make sure you throw this party for her this year. Remember, the feature of the birthday party is a mermaid, and so you should have sea and ocean themed decorations. Here are a couple of ideas you might like.

Underwater Decorations

The blue sea: Decorate your house with everything that is blue in color. Light blue or even sea green balloons and streamers are a great idea to give it that underwater look. You can also place seashells and fake star fish all around the house or as a center piece.

Mermaids all Around: The mermaid themed party cannot and will not be complete without mermaids so there should be mermaid posters on the walls, mermaid themed plates, cups and napkins.

Bubbly water: The Sea has bubble right? So to complete the full underwater effect, you need to have a bubble machine or if you don’t have one, get it from your nearest toy store. Play some mermaid or wave music and viola, you are done with the decorations.

Mermaid Activities

Hidden Items: Mermaids love to find hidden stuff, so have the children go on an underwater treasure hunt. Hide things that little mermaids may be interested in like spoons, forks, necklaces, bracelets and anything else that you might find at the toy store.

Craft Jelly fish: Making and coloring your own jelly fish is awesome fun. When making the jelly fish, provide the children with a paper plate and some crepe paper. The children simply need to color or paint the plate to their liking and stick the crepe paper on it as tentacles.

Mermaid Necklace: For the mermaid necklace, you can either purchase a necklace kit or put something together yourself. If you are doing it on your own, you will need a cord of some kind as that is strong and some regular or shell shaped beads.

The Food list

Cake: Order a mermaid themed cake for your little girl’s birthday or make one yourself. If you look in the right places, you are without doubt going to find some cake pans that are shaped to look like a mermaid, so use these to make your cake.

Make use of the cookie cutter: Invest in a couple of cookie cutters in the shape of a star (or jelly fish) and cut out sandwiches so the kids can enjoy the underwater theme in their food as well.