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Lion King Birthday Ideas

Invite all your friends as well as Simba, Nahla and, of course, Timon and Pumba to a surefire birthday party blast using the Lion King theme! Dance along to the movie’s best songs, dress up like your favorite characters or play games in the jungle with these ideas for a Lion King birthday party.

Lion-Inspired Activities

  • Get the Grubs - Timon and Pumbaa love grubs, and they eventually passed their love of all-things-slimy on to Simba. Make the game a little more kid-friendly with gummy grubs (gummy worms). Hide them around your house or in clear plastic eggs (“cocoons”) in your garden for a fun scavenger hunt..
  • Safari Hunt - Simba is king of the jungle! Create a fun safari for the guests at your party by decorating the living room with brown carton paper and green oaktags to create a jungle feel. Add colorful streamers for vines, and plastic animals like monkeys and birds. In your new jungle land, let the kids play “I Spy” on safari; provide a list of different safari animals and have the kids hunt around for them. Each time they find one, have the child cross that animal off the list.
  • Rafiki’s Paintings - Have a craft corner with watercolor to paint cups or mugs like Rafiki does. For smaller kids, use watercolor and craft paper. Print out pictures of Rafiki and tape them up to the wall to get kids in the mood. For extra fun, add brown kitchen paper to the wall in the shape of a tree to set the scene.
  • Who am I? - Paste a photo and a character’s name on an index card. Provide several options, using everything from "Simba" to something simple, like “monkey.” Hand out the cards to the kids. Each child will act out the character on the index card and the other kids will try to guess the character. It's like jungle charades!

Food for a Mighty King

  • Jungle Treats - Provide a colorful spread of jungle-esque treats like gummy worms, Swedish fish candies, and shaped animal crackers. Add some Fruit Loops to the mix for an extra splash of color!
  • Ants on a Log - They may not be grubs, but they’re the next best thing and a favorite for kids! Cut up pieces of celery and smother them with crunchy peanut butter, then add raisins. Serve on platters for everyone to enjoy.
  • Lion King Cupcakes - Simba loved to chow down on zebra and antelope, but those aren't exactly kid-friendly choices! Make your own version with buttercream icing atop your cupcakes. Swirl chocolate and vanilla icing for zebra cakes, add fondant “antlers” for antelope, and mix caramel and chocolate icing for leopard cakes.
  • The Lion’s Share - Serve up platters of chicken drumsticks and sirloin skewers for all the little cubs. Dress up your skewers with pineapple slices or thick chunks of onion.