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Leopard Print Party Supplies, Leopard Print Birthday Party

Our fantastic Leopard print party supplies will lend sophistication and style to your birthday party, casual dinner get-together, outdoor party, or other leopard print themed event. Dress up your party tables in leopard print panache with all of our leopard print tableware. Colorful plates, cups, napkins and more will make your celebration shine. If you’d like to add a little flair to your upcoming party gathering, be sure to include all of our fabulous leopard print party supplies!

Leopard Print Decorations, Activities, and Food to Go with the Leopard Print Birthday Party Supplies

Kids off all ages love the jungle and especially the wild leopard. If you wish to make this birthday very extraordinary and unique for your child, then you should have a leopard themed party. The party that you are planning can either go sophisticated or exotic according to your child’s age. Below are some decoration, food and activity ideas that are best for a child’s party.

The Décor

Leopard print fabrics: For this particular birthday party, you have to get yards and yards of different colored leopard print fabrics. Sew these leopard prints and slip them over temporarily on chairs and couches and cushions. If you have some fabric left, you can use it as a rug or runner for when the guests arrive.

The Den: When you are hosting a leopard themed party, you have to make your home something like a leopard’s den. The way to do this is by hanging black fabric on the walls and to finish it off with a soft lighting or candle effect.

Black and gold: No birthday party is complete without tons of balloons, so you need to have loads of black and golden balloons for this special occasion. Bring in a twist by not just hanging the balloons but also throwing them on the floor too.


Scavenger hunt: What do leopards do all day besides sleeping? They hunt of course! So, plan a good scavenger hunt for the kids. You can substitute the real live animals with a variety of stuffed animals like rabbits, mouse etc.

Pin the tail on the leopard: Kids love the classic game of ‘pin the tail on the donkey’ so, how about you give them a good game of pin the tail on the leopard. The rules to the game are the same where the children are blind folded and then handed a tail which they are supposed to ‘pin’ to the leopard.


Food fit for a leopard: Now leopards eat bloody and raw meat, which you can’t really serve at the birthday party right? So what is the next best thing? Well you can try your hands on meaty foods that kids love like chicken drumsticks, wings, roast etc.

Snacks: Some kids, or adults for that matter, might not be that into meat. If a few of your guests are like that then you can always serve them with other snacks. Keep a variety of pretzels, cookies, crackers and vegetable dips for everyone who is not a meat fan.