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Kitten Party Supplies: Kitten Party Invitations, Party Favors, and Party Decorations.

Meow! It's the cat's time to play with these cute and cuddly Kitten Party Supplies. If you or your loved ones love cats, these birthday favorites are for you. Fun-loving kittens and charming paw prints grace these adorable tableware items, favors and other party products. Whether you're throwing a birthday party or just love cats, these kitten party supplies are just for you!

Review By: Franki from Chandler, AZ
"If you or your family loves kittens, this is the perfect theme. Super fun! Arrived very fast."
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Party Pack

(For 8 Guests)
Party Pack

(For 8 Guests)

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Cat Party Supplies, Kitten Party Supplies

Cat party supplies, or kitten party supplies as we should probably call them, are a cute way to get your party planning started. If you’ve got a little one (or maybe even a big one) who loves cats and kittens, they will absolutely love these adorable kitten cups, kitten plates, cat themed decorations and other party items. Make your birthday party or other special occasion a little more cute and colorful with the help of these adorable cat party supplies.

What’s Up With Cats? Some Notes on the Cat’s Senses

Cats are interesting creatures who are known for their personalities, whether you love them or hate them. Below are some interesting facts about cats that lend to their character a bit, and help explain why cats are the way they are.

Cats are able to see very well in the dark. This ability gives the cat some their skulking around notoriety. They have the ability to see just as well as us with one-sixth the light we have. This is because of their tapetum lucidum (a part of the eye that reflects light back into the eye) and their large pupils. The only shortcoming of the cat’s eyes is their poor color differentiation (they have trouble distinguishing reds and greens).

Cats have excellent hearing. Like dogs, they can detect higher-pitched sounds. Their large and flexible ears are great amplifiers of sound and are able to turn to focus on the direction from where the sound originates.

As you would probably guess, cats have a good sense of smell (catnip anyone?). They are aware of the different smells of pheromones(cat urine) which help define territory and other communication. It is believed that the smells of catnip and some other plants mimic the pheromone smells, and this causes the cat’s reaction.

Finally, the kitten’s and cat’s taste buds are somewhat limited. It is believed that they have limited ability to taste sweetness. Instead of sweets, cat’s tend to respond better to bitter tastes and amino acids.

Well, that’s it for the information on the cat’s senses. We hope your cat themed or kitten birthday party is a huge success for you and your party guests. Be sure to decorate it with our wonderful cat party supplies (or kitten party supplies) to make things less stressful. They’re really adorable and will give your party tables some charming feline fun!