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Kitten Party Supplies, Kitten Birthday Party

Everyone loves kittens, and Discount Party Supplies has done our best to bring you the cutest feline-themed party supplies on the market! No matter what age your cat-lover is, our furry tableware, party favors and decorations will delight your feline fan.

The History of the Cat

Cats began being domesticated around 4000 years ago, when they were regarded as sacred by the Egyptians. The first breed of domesticated cat is thought to be the African Wild Cat, which was kept to control mice and other vermin that were destroying crops and causing harmful diseases. Since felines were so great at catching mice and insects, this drastically changed quality of life for Egyptians, hence the cat became known as a sacred "savior" of sorts.
Even Pharaohs respected cats, and many were buried with statues of them. If a citizen were to harm or kill a cat, the death penalty was immediate. It was even illegal to sell a cat outside of Egypt, due to their high status!

Cat/Kitten Party Ideas

Cat Balloons
Use a pair of scissors to cut cat eyes, a nose and ears out of a template on construction or crepe paper. (A quick internet search can help with the creation of these templates). Using glue dots, secure the eyes, nose and ears to an inflated balloon and use a piece of yarn for the mouth. Cut thin strips of paper (6 to 8 will do) to use for the whiskers and adhere those to the balloon using glue dots as well.

Kitty Face Paint
Use pink and black face paint to turn the party guests into adorable kitties! Use the pink for the inside of the ears and the nose, and black for the whiskers and outline of the mouth. If you wish to create an outline of the entire face, use white paint to color it in.

Cat, Cat, Mouse
Just like Duck, Duck, Goose. But...well, you get it!

Enjoy Your Kitten Get-Together

We hope the tips above will help you have a super-successful feline-themed birthday party! Use these with a combination of our kitten party supplies to make a memorable event where your guests will have a meowin' time.