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Gymnastics Party Supplies, Gymnastic Cupcake Rings

Gymnastics party supplies and gymnastic cupcake rings are wonderful additions to your next gymnastic celebration. Of course, you’ll also want some gymnastic themed decorations, tableware, party favors and other fun stuff to make your birthday or other gathering extra special. The gymnasts in your gang will be thrilled when they celebrate their special day with these wonderful gymnastic party supplies!

Gymnastics Birthday Party and Party Ideas

Being a gymnast is hard work, but it can also be very fun as well. Hosting a gymnastics party means that you can have several fun activities as well as yummy treats for everyone who attends. You might even discover the hidden talents of your guests while they partake in the fun games you have in store.


Chocolate Medals: Everyone's a winner when they eat some chocolate medals. These are a breeze to make if you find some molds for the chocolate, otherwise you can just make some round chocolate medals and decorate them this frosting and icing. If you are feeling extra creative, you can theme them by gold, silver, and bronze.

Gymnastic Cookies: Celebrate gymnastics by creating different cookies that reflect each event. You can use a cookie cutter or just create your own fun shapes and decorate them as you see fit. If you have a basic outline of what to do, you can also have your guests decorate their own cookies and color them in with icing.


Twister: Test your ultimate gymnastic skills with a fun game of twister. See how flexible you really are and determine who the best gymnast of all is. Twister is a fun game for both children and adults, so everyone can jump in on the fun. The winner of the game should be awarded a gold medal for their efforts!

Limbo: Another great game for a gymnastic party is limbo. Put your back to the test and see how low you really can go. Both flexibility and balance is required to be victorious at limbo, and these are the traits of any successful gymnast. You might even discover a standout star when you play this game with a group of youngsters.

Make Streamers: One of the most elegant routines in gymnastics involves the streamer. Give kids of all ages the opportunity to create their own streamers and possibly their own routines as well! All that you need to make a streamer is a dowel rod and some ribbon. Have different colors of ribbon available so that kids can make their own unique streamers. Add a little more flair by providing glitter, stickers, and fabric glue.

Every gymnast must have the proper gear to succeed, and the same goes for your party. Don't let lack of preparation ruin what would otherwise be a great time. Make sure you have all of your party supply needs covered!