Glee Party Supplies: Glee Birthday Invitations, Party Favors, and Decorations

Our Glee Party Supplies are perfect for the “Gleeks” in your house! Make life a song with the help of your favorite Glee characters when you deck your birthday party, viewing party or other special occasion out with these awesome Glee party decoration and other supplies. Prepare your guests to dodge the smoothies when you bring home these fantastic Glee birthday supplies!

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Glee Party Supplies, Glee Birthday Party!

Glee party supplies are a great way to impress the Glee fans in your family for your next birthday party, family night, Glee viewing party or other fun event. Our colorful and fun glee decorations and tableware will help create the perfect Glee atmosphere your Glee party. Your party guests will absolutely love your celebration when you decorate it with our fun and cool Glee party supplies!

Throwing a Glee Party for your Gleek

Need some ideas to get your Gleek on? Here are a few activities and food ideas to get the show on the road!

Glee Activities

Glee Trivia: Have a trivia contest to see who knows the most about Glee. Write down your own questions and keep a tally of points for each player or team. Make different levels of questions, which can be worth more points. Have a prize for the winner, or make the losing team perform a song of the winner’s choice!

Karaoke Contest: Of course, you’ll have to have a karaoke contest. Use some of the songs from the show and make a little stage to hold the contest. Videotape the performances to hand out later too! Let some of the kids be the judges, or just let the parents score the participants.

Costume Contest: Make sure everyone comes dressed as his or her favorite Glee character! They all have their own style, so this is something that can be easily recreated. Everyone can vote on whom is the best dressed at the party.

Gleek-a-thon: Watch your favorite episodes of Glee to wind down the party. I don’t know about you, but my favorite was definitely the Britney episode!

Party Food

Purple Slushies: This is a must-have for any Glee party. Simply put ice in a blender, with a grape kool-aid packet and blend. You can also use slushie syrup or grape soda.

Italian Dish: Breadsticks and salad is the popular dish at their favorite restaurant on the show. You can also serve a pasta dish like spaghetti if breadsticks and salad aren’t enough.

Dessert: Set up a bake sale just like on the show and have a table of cookies and cupcakes for dessert!

Have a wonderful time creating an exciting Glee birthday party or other Glee themed celebration. We hope that you and your guests have a wonderful time. Don’t forget that our Glee party supplies is certainly one way to get your Glee themed party started off right, and will help take some of the worry out of your big day.