Frozen Party Supplies, Frozen Birthday Party

Frozen party supplies have arrived! Create a magical snow-filled landscape for your Frozen birthday party with our wonderful selection of Frozen favors, Disney decorations and other party favorites. Unlock the mystery of Disney’s newest characters, Anna and Elsa, and join in the fun with Olaf and Sven, with the help of all of our enchanting Frozen party supplies!

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Become Enchanted With Frozen Party Supplies!

Frozen party supplies are here! Released in theaters November 27, 2013, actress Kristin Bell voiced the lead character, Anna, for this animated snowy adventure. Based loosely on the Hans Christian Andersen classic “The Snow Queen”, this was an instant Disney classic. Now, Frozen party supplies are a largely popular birthday party theme, and they are available for your Frozen parties!

The story of Frozen differs some from the original “Snow Queen”. Frozen’s plot centers around a young girl’s (Anna) adventure to find the Snow Queen in order to put an end to a perpetual winter. Along the way, she encounters rough winter conditions, magic and other obstacles. She meets friends and goofy snowmen to help her along the way.

Frozen Party Supplies, Frozen Birthday Party

Frozen party supplies are sure to be a lot of fun! Join Anna and Kristoff as they journey to find the Snow Queen and put an end to the everlasting winter that encompasses their land. As with every major Disney movie, Frozen birthday supplies are stylish and tons of fun. With a winter theme to work with, these Frozen decorations, party favors, cups, plates, cake kits and other birthday products are amazing.

The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen

The fairytale The Snow Queen was first published by Hans Christian Andersen in 1845. Although based on The Snow Queen, Frozen is different in many significant ways.

The Snow Queen tells the story of a little boy and girl named Kai and Gerda. The book is really a story that is broken into seven stories, all circled around a central theme. Early on, Kai becomes corrupted through some enchanted mirror slivers that accidentally puncture him. Gerda spends most of the seven stories within the book seeking out Kai after he disappears, and the book details her adventures along the way.

The Snow Queen is regarded as one of Hans Christian Andersen’s best novels. It has been adapted into many different books and other entertainment media.

A Birthday Frozen in Time

The 2013 animated film Frozen has built a massive fan base among Disney fans. If you want to throw your children a party inspired by this movie, you will have to think cold as ice.

Freezing Them Silly with Crispy-Cold Activities

Marshmallow Snowmen: Nothing says “Frozen” like an adorable snowman! Even when the weather outside isn’t frightful, you can have a ball of fun. Pretend it’s the middle of winter as you allow kids to craft their own three-tiered bodies of various-sized marshmallows. Complete the look with a licorice rope scarf and frosting dots for eyes and buttons.

Ice Rink Races: Don’t lace up your skates just yet; this activity can be done on the patio or even in the kitchen! Cover a deep cookie sheet with wax paper and fill with water. Freeze it until the water is solid. Remove just before you plan to start the activity. Place the sheet of ice on a towel, so melting water is absorbed. Then you can allow the children to race small candies across the surface, to see who can come closest to the opposite edge without going over.

Paper Snowflakes: It’s a classic activity, but one that is very relevant to the party theme. Allow the kids to fold and cut to their heart’s content. Create a beautiful finish with glitter glue and fancy ribbon for hanging.

Heaping the Plate (and Cup) with Frozen Treats

Sugar Cookie Reindeer: A Frozen party wouldn’t be complete without this sweet treat! The Reindeer plays a part in this Disney animation, so the kids will certainly love to have one of their own. Mix up a traditional peanut butter cookie batter – 5 cups flour, 2 cups sugar, 4 eggs, 1 teaspoon vanilla, 1 ½ cups butter, 2 teaspoons baking powder, and 1 teaspoon salt. Before baking, lightly press in 2 brown M&M eyes and one red M&M nose. After taking out of the oven and while still soft, add chocolate-covered pretzel antlers.

Ice Slurpie: There is nothing that will make a person feel more frozen than an icy fruit drink! They’re quick and simple to make. Just blend 4 cups frozen melon and 2 cups frozen berries in a blender, while slowly adding one 12-ounce bottle of sparkling mineral water. Adults may want to partake in this part of the party as well; alcoholic versions for those of age are always a possibility.