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Flip Flop Fun Party Supplies: Flip Flop Fun Birthday Invitations, Party Favors, and Decorations.

Flip Flop party supplies are a fun way to start off your flip flop or luau party theme! Who doesn’t enjoy the relative ease of a pair of flip flops, a beach setting, and the sun in beaming down on you from above? Well, bring the beach and the sand and the sun to your luau-styled celebration with our colorful and fun flip flop party supplies.

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(For 8 Guests)

Flip Flop Party Supplies, Flip Flop Birthday Party

Flip flop party supplies are a cool and sunny styled way to decorate your luau like celebration. Perfect for birthday parties, beach parties, luau themed events, vacations or other fun occasions, these flip flop cups, plates, napkins, decorations and other fun stuff will have your party guests bringing along their beach towels. Have a spectacular time with the help of our fantastic flip flop party supplies!

The History of Flip Flops (and we’re not talking politics)

Sandals were probably the first type of shoes ever invented. They date back thousands of years to ancient Egypt and have been found in Europe as well. The early versions of sandals or flip-flops could be made from papyrus, leaves, rawhide and/or wood depending on the location, culture and raw materials available.

Ancient Greeks and Romans wore flip-flops (of the types you’ve seen in every period movie Hollywood ever put out), but they differed slightly in how they were worn. The Greeks wore them as we generally do, with the toe strap between your first and second toes. The Romans, however, wore their flip flops with the toe strap between their second and third toes. As an aside, the Mesopotamians wore their flip flops with their straps between the third and fourth toes. We’re not sure what this says about these cultures, but there you have it.

Flip Flops grew in popularity in the United States after World War II probably from the influence of the Japanese “zori” style sandal. They continued to gain acceptance in American culture after the Korean War as comfortable, beach-style or summer shoes. They soon became synonymous with the California beach lifestyle, and are a mainstay in casual footwear today.

Have fun with your luau or beach themed celebration. We hope it’s a huge success for you, your family and all your party guests. And, for a little summer style, don’t forget to include our wonderful flip flop party supplies!