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Nemo Party Supplies and Nemo Birthday Supplies

Nemo party supplies are certainly a welcome addition to any Nemo fan’s big day. Enhance your table setting with fun Nemo napkins, plates and our other themed tableware. Adding Nemo birthday supplies sure to make your entire celebration a little more special for anyone who loves Nemo.

Finding Nemo Trivia and Fun Facts

A great way to get your Nemo party started is with some fun facts and trivia! You can use Nemo trivia for a fun party game or simply as a cute distraction before the cake is served. Simply writing trivia questions and facts on the backs of everyone’s plates is a fun conversation starter. Who knows? You could even reward correct answers with party favors, candy, or some other treats. Have fun with it and your party guests will too! So, on to the trivia…

Nemo Trivia
Q: What year was Finding Nemo released in theatres?
A: 2003

Q: What type of fish are Nemo and his father?
A: Clownfish

Q: Which fin did Nemo injure (right or left) and how did he get the injury?
A: Nemo injured his right fin when a barracuda attacked his family when he was still an egg. The barracuda knocked his father unconscious, killed his mother and ate the other eggs. This attack leads to overprotectiveness from Nemo’s father.

Q: What is the name of the dentist that owns the aquarium in his Sydney Harbor office?
A: P. Sherman

Q: What type of fish is Dory and what does she suffer from?
A: Dory is a Regal Tang and suffers from short-term memory loss.

Q: Who wrote Finding Nemo?
A: Andrew Stanton wrote and directed the movie.

Nemo Fun Fact
Believe it or not, tourism is said to have increased in Australia after the movie’s release. Tourists were asking to swim off the Eastern Australian coast in the hopes of “Finding Nemo”.