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Dora the Explorer Party Supplies: Dora the Explorer Birthday Invitations, Party Favors, and Decorations.

Put on your backpack, grab your map, and let’s go exploring with our fabulous Dora Party Supplies! Your party guests will love going on an adventure with Dora and her friends. Who’s coming along you ask? Well, there’s Dora (of course), Boots, Tico and, yes, even Swiper are invited along when you decorate your special day with these fun Dora Birthday Supplies.

By: Lorianne from Chicago, IL
"...Loved the super speedy shipment and all of the Dora stuff we got was cute! Kids at our party had a blast!"
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Party Pack

(For 8 Guests)
Party Pack

(For 8 Guests)

Dora Party Supplies, Dora the Explorer Birthday Party

Dora party supplies are a cute way to celebrate your little Dora fan’s big day. If you’ve got someone in your family who loves Dora, they’ll certainly love these adorable Dora the Explorer decorations, party favors, cake kits, tableware and other Dora party goods. Celebrate your upcoming birthday, family day or other special celebration with the help of these fabulous Dora party supplies!

Dora the Explorer Trivia and Fun Facts!

Do you know everything there is to know about Dora? What about your party guests? A fun way to liven up any party or get some conversations started is to add some trivia. One idea is to place Dora trivia around your party setup as part of your decorations, on a wall, on the tableware or elsewhere. Or, you can create an actual game out of Dora questions and answers, dividing your group into teams or not. Below are a few questions and answers you might be interested in as an activity or just for fun.

How old is Dora and what’s her last name?

Dora is eight years old and her last name is “Marquez”.

Who is Dora’s best friend?

“Boots” the monkey is Dora’s best friend ever since Dora saved his red boots from being taken by Swiper

What is Swiper known to say to Dora (and everyone) when he is successful in his swiping attempts?

While Swiper is known to say “Oh, man!” when he is thwarted, he usually says “You’re too late!” when he successfully swipes something.

What type of accent does Swiper appear to have and where does he live?

Swiper sounds as if he has a bit of a New York accent, and he lives on top of Blueberry Hill (csomeone must be a Chubby Checker fan).

Who appears to congratulate Dora after she completes a quest?

The Fiesta Trio (a grasshopper, a frog and a snail) appear playing music for a few seconds.

What does Dora’s backpack say when unused items and placed back inside it?

The backpack will excitedly yell, “Yum, yum, yum, yum, yum, delicioso!” when unused items go back.

If you use Dora trivia or not, just remember to be excited for everyone, and have fun at your birthday party or other occasion. Your guests will appreciate your efforts and feed off your positivity. Again, have fun with it, and don’t forget to include our fantastic Dora party supplies!