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Dolphins Party Supplies, Dolphins Party Decorations

Dolphins are just about everyone’s ocean favorite! Celebrate your fondness for dolphins at your next birthday party or other fun get-together with our fantastic dolphin party supplies. Cute and colorful, these dolphin party cups, decorations, plates and other fabulous party products are a great way to dress up any gathering. Be sure to add our wonderful dolphin party supplies to your next gathering for some awesome ocean style!

Dolphins Are Cool!

Dolphins are beautiful creatures closely related to porpoises and whales. Like whales and porpoises, dolphins are mammals that breathe through a blowhole located on the top of their heads. They exist throughout the world, usually in shallower waters, and are carnivores, eating a diet heavy in squid and fish. Male dolphins are referred to as “bulls”, females are called “cows”, and (like fish) “school” is a term used for groups of several dolphins.

These amazing creatures are also some of the most highly intelligent animals on the planet. Some of their abilities rival that of the smartest primates, including self-awareness and problem-solving.

How Does a Dolphin Move?

Dolphins are made for maneuvering quickly through the water. Their bodies are streamlined with a powerful tail (the “fluke”) which is used for navigation and propulsion along with the pectoral fins. The dorsal fin (most dolphins have them) provides additional balance for dolphins as they speed through the water.

What Does a Dolphin Sense?

Dolphins have exceptional hearing and can hear much higher frequencies of sound than humans. The sides of their heads contain small ear openings, but most of their hearing is conducted through their lower jaw area. A fatty portion of the lower jaw actually carries sound to the dolphin’s middle ear. Dolphins' teeth also act as a sort of antennae, noticing sounds and using them to place the distance and sizes of objects around them.

A dolphin’s sense of touch is very strong. They have tightly-wound nerve endings found in the certain important areas of the body. Their eyesight can either be very good or mostly nonexistent in some species. It is believed that dolphins can’t smell, and this seems likely as they lack lobes and the olfactory nerve. As dolphins can taste, it is thought that they may smell in a way by tasting the water around them, and sensing change in the water’s taste.

Dolphins Can Heal

Dolphins have an amazing ability to heal from major injuries. Deep wounds, like those from shark bites, can heal without the dolphin hemorrhaging until they pass away. These wounds will frequently heal or regenerate in a way that the dolphin's body is returned to its original shape, mostly intact. How this healing process works in dolphins is not exactly known.

Have A Wonderful Dolphin Birthday Party!

Dolphins are cool creatures. Have a great time at your dolphin birthday party or other dolphin-themed celebration! Plan ahead, order plenty of dolphin party supplies and you and your guests should have a wonderful time.