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Doc McStuffins Party Supplies, Doc McStuffins Party Decorations

Doc McStuffins party supplies will help you bring the magic of Dottie and her stuffed animals home to your next celebration. These charming Doc McStuffins themed birthday items will add delightful appeal to all of your cheery party preparations. Make things easy on yourself and complement your celebration with all of our adorable Doc McStuffins party supplies!

Doc McStuffins Birthday Party Ideas

Planning a Doc McStuffins party for your little one can be a lot of fun. If your child is a fan of Disney’s famous fixer of broken toys, these ideas below will help you to create a happy, unforgettable party for everyone there. Tell everyone in advance to bring in their own toys so that the Doc can “bring them to life.”

Doc McStuffins Recommended Meals

Animal Crackers: What better way to keep up the stuffed animal theme than to hand out bowls of animal crackers for the kids to snack on? Besides, every kid loves animal crackers.

Doc McStuffins Cupcakes: Top cupcakes with edible Doc McStuffins stickers. Kids can choose the ones with their favorite characters’ faces and they will love how delicious they taste.

Veggies & Fruit: Have a sign above the veggie and fruit tray saying “Doc McStuffins Recommends…”. It will help encourage healthy eating to all the kids and they can see just how delicious fruits and veggies really are.

Fun Doc McStuffins Activities

Toy Clinic: Inside a tent or a small play house, set out a table for examining toy “patients.” This is where animals “come to life” without any witnesses. Designate someone (Yourself, an older sibling, etc.) to dress up and pretend that they are Dr. McStuffins. It will be a great activity to spur the children’s imagination and everyone can be involved. Each guest can take a turn playing their favorite characters from Doc McStuffins.

Doc McStuffins Stick Puppets: Have everyone create their favorite character out of paper, markers, and scissors. Then, they can make them into a puppet by placing them on a tall stick. They can even have a puppet show and act out their characters by creating a mini play script. The possibilities are endless.

Stuffed Animal Obstacle Course: Everyone has a turn to race through an obstacle course of toys, while carrying their stuffed animal patient to Doc McStuffins, in order to see who can reach the clinic the fastest. Everyone will have a blast with this one.

Doc McStuffins Trivia: After everyone is tired out, it is a great opportunity to play some trivia. Hold up cards or pictures of each Doc McStuffins character and then ask a series of true or false questions. It will get the kids thinking and they will enjoy the challenge of seeing how well they know one of their favorite cartoon characters. If everyone gets it wrong, clarify the answer so that they know for next time.

Have a Wonderful Doc McStuffins Celebration!

Invite Doc, Lambie, Stuffy, Chilly, Hallie, Squeakers, Donny and the rest of the Doc McStuffins gang to your next birthday party! With our colorful and fun Doc McStuffins plates, cups and other tableware your party tables will look absolutely amazing. And, don’t forget the matching Doc McStuffins decorations, party favors and other party favorites as well. Trust us, if you have a Doc McStuffins fan with an approaching birthday, they’ll love seeing our fantastic collection of Doc McStuffins party supplies decorating their big day!