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Dance Party Supplies, Dance Party Favors

So, you think you can dance? Well, then maybe you’d like to throw a dance party! Our dance party supplies will add to the fun and excitement and make your dance celebration pop. Colorful tableware, dance themed favors, ballet assortments, decorations and other cool party items are a great way to decorate your party in groovin’ style. Make your next birthday party, special event or other gathering a fantastic dance party with the help of our wonderful dance party supplies!

Dance Party ideas

Get your groove on with a dance party! With the right music, food, and activities, nobody will be able to sit around. The spirit of dance is very alive and well, and it's time that everybody enjoyed what some good tunes can do!


Fun Dance Foods: Keep the party going with some fun little dance snacks. Some entrees that you can use include “Macho Man Nachos” and the “Electric Sliders.” Try to tie in some dance titles into the foods you offer, and maybe switch the ingredients a little to match the theme of the song.

Groove Juice: Everyone will have a good time once they've got the groove in them! This drink can really be anything you desire, but mixing a little grape soda with strawberry juices can create a fun little cocktail that's non-alcoholic. Put the drinks in fun plastic cups to add to the overall effect and keep the party going all night long.


Name that Dance! : Pit everyone’s body and mind against each other as they try to dance the moves that made these songs popular. Split everyone into 2 separate teams and let one team draw from a hat or bowl. Each person draws out a slip of paper and must dance what is listed on the paper. Some of them may be easy like the YMCA or Macarena, but there are bound to be a few stumpers in there too. The team that gets the most correct answers wins!

Time Travel: Celebrate all different kinds of dancing by traveling through the past and into the present. You can pick the starting point based off of your own visitors, but see how many people are really groovy by playing songs that span all generations. Not only will you be able to dance to classic disco tracks, but catch everyone up on current trends as well. The person who can dance to most songs should be crowned dance king/queen!

Simon Says: The party doesn’t stop til the leader says so. In this version of Simon says, the leader creates a dance routine that everyone else must replicate. Children will have fun creating wacky and weird new moves while adults will do their best not to make a fool out of themselves.

Finding the right supplies is crucial in having the best dance party. Don't disappoint by forgetting all of your essential dance party supplies!